What is the property of fuel oil for boilers?

In boiler selection, fuel oil for oil-fired boilers is crucial and directly affects combustion efficiency. The property of boiler fuel oil depend on the nature of crude oil and the processing method. Here, Zhongzheng Boiler introduces several common boiler fuel oil properties for you in detail.

What is the property of fuel oil for boilers

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1、Heavy oil as boiler fuel oil property

It is made of cracked heavy oil, depressurized heavy oil, atmospheric heavy oil or wax oil, etc. in different proportions. It can be divided into four grades of 20, 60, 100 and 200 according to the kinematic viscosity at 80℃. The number of grades is roughly equal to the oil’s En’s viscosity °E50 at 50℃. 20 heavy oil is used in oil fired steam boilers with small oil nozzles, 60 heavy oil is used in oil boilers with medium output nozzles, and 100 and 200 heavy oil are used in boilers with large nozzles with preheating equipment.

2、How about the property of residual oil as fuel oil for boilers

The residue discharged from the petroleum refining process is not treated, directly as fuel, customarily called residual oil. There is no uniform quality index for residual oil. Residual oil can be depressurized heavy oil, cracked heavy oil or normal pressure heavy oil. Residual oil is similar to heavy oil, with high viscosity, poor fluidity, high density, difficult dehydration, and high flash point and boiling point. When applying residual oil, it generally needs to be preheated to facilitate transportation and atomization.

3、How about the property of crude oil as fuel oil for boiler

After dehydration, unrefined oil is called crude oil. Crude oil contains various light and low boiling point fractions, so the viscosity and density of crude oil are smaller, and its flash point and ignition point are much lower than that of heavy oil. For example, the open flash point of Daqing crude oil is more than 160~170℃ lower than that of Daqing heavy oil. Therefore, the storage and transportation of crude oil should pay special attention to fire safety measures. Crude oil contains a lot of light fractions, which should not be used as boiler fuel.

4、How about the property of diesel oil as boiler fuel oil

Diesel can be divided into light diesel and heavy diesel, the use of atmospheric distillation and reduced pressure distillation can be obtained diesel. Light diesel fuel for diesel engines, in the boiler only for ignition; heavy diesel fuel for medium and low speed diesel engines, in individual power plants only for the diesel fired boiler fuel at low load. The boiler with diesel fuel is a small boiler.

What is the property of fuel oil for boilers

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The above is the introduction of how the nature of several boiler fuel oil, in addition to the quality of boiler fuel oil depends on viscosity, sulfur content, density, flash point, moisture, ash.

As one of the manufacturers of oil-fired industrial boilers, Wuxi Zhongzheng Boiler Co., Ltd. has more than thirty years of manufacturing experience, mainly engaged in the development and manufacture of various types of industrial boilers, and provide technical solutions and ancillary products. The WNS series and SZS series oil-fired boilers produced by Zhongzheng have a wide range of fuel applications and can burn crude oil, heavy oil, diesel oil, etc. Zhongzheng boilers help users understand the nature of fuel oil for boilers and recommend the right oil boiler system.

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