12 Ton Diesel Fired Boiler Manufacturer

The 12-ton diesel boiler adopts low-stress horizontal wet-back internal combustion flue gas three-return structure, equipped with high efficiency air preheater and energy-saving condensing integrated machine. The diesel fired steam boiler adopts the round arc split door design, uses the big furnace full mixed combustion and high efficiency threaded smoke tube heat transfer. The series boiler adopts low nitrogen combustion technology to inhibit NOx generation. Equipped with high quality frequency converter, flanged frequency conversion split ultra-low nitrogen burner, 7-inch LCD touch screen and PLC programmable controller, to achieve the ultra-low emission standard of NOx≤30mg of natural gas boiler.


Diesel fired steam boiler

Diesel fired steam boiler


Oil-fired boiler adopts large volume full corrugated furnace, wet-back racetrack combustion chamber, full thread smoke pipe symmetrical and evenly arranged on both sides of the furnace. High quality burners are used to provide fuel combustion, and the ejected flame burns turbulence in the furnace. The high temperature flue gas generated by the return combustion chamber returns, into the threaded pipe, efficient heat exchange, from the front smoke box into the air preheater, flue gas countercurrent heat exchange, heating cold air. Cooling flue gas downstream into energy-saving condensing all-in-one machine, flue gas counter-current through the cross-row silicon magnesium aluminum alloy fin tube expansion heating surface, recovery of flue gas latent heat and sensible heat, preheat boiler feed water temperature, heat limit after the recovery of flue gas into the atmosphere through the chimney.

Diesel fired steam boiler design reasonable structure, a large number of low temperature heating surface layout in the body of the compression zone. At the same time, increase the steam space to improve the steam dryness, reduce the thermal stress of the boiler, avoid condensation corrosion in the boiler body, so as to improve the thermal efficiency of the body. This series of boiler products pay attention to the top design, boiler body, air preheater, energy-saving condensing integrated machine, frequency conversion split burner, intelligent control system for integration.

This series of boiler pipeline system is simple and reliable, reduce installation area, simple and smooth flue gas passage. While recovering fuel in low temperature condensation limit, the boiler heat can be increased to 103% and 30mg ultra-low nitrogen emission can be achieved. Diesel fired boiler boiler water heating evenly, water level, steam pressure more stable. Increase the combustion space, reduce the flame temperature, to achieve the ultra-low emission standard of NOx≤30mg. Boiler adopts cantilever fan and stainless steel muffler, small volume, light weight, stable air pressure/volume; Add muffler device, ultra long life, ultra low noise.


Natural gas boiler

Natural gas boiler


Diesel fired steam boiler can recover the sensible heat in the flue gas and the latent heat of vaporization after condensation of water vapor to increase the feed water temperature. The use of this series of steam boilers can reduce the exhaust gas temperature, save gas costs, and effectively improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler. At the same time, ND steel + silicon-magnesium-aluminum alloy winding composite fin tube is used, which has high heat transfer performance. The boiler adopts high-quality aluminum silicate for dense insulation to reduce heat loss. The heating surface of the steam boiler is adequately arranged, the boiler starts quickly, and the load rise time is short. The maintenance door hole is left for convenient maintenance. Zozen Boilers specializes in manufacturing various types of boiler products, and has established friendly cooperative relations with many users over the years. Welcome everyone to consult and purchase!

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