Oil Fired Three Pass Steam Boiler

Each pressure element of Zozen Boilers should be able to expand freely according to the predetermined direction of design when running. Three pass steam boiler pressure parts should have enough strength, furnace wall should be good sealing. This series of steam boiler to ensure the normal circulation of the water loop, all the heating surface should be reliable cooling.


Three pass steam boiler

Three pass steam boiler


The fuel oil three-return boiler adopts the form of compression element and component structure, and the layout of opening and weld should avoid reducing compound stress and stress concentration as far as possible. The structure of boiler water-cooled fireplace wall should have sufficient bearing capacity. Open the necessary manhole, hand hole, inspection hole, fire door, ash door, etc., easy installation, operation, maintenance and cleaning inside and outside. Oil – fired steam boiler should meet the requirements of safety accessories and display instruments and other devices to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. The boiler drain structure depends on the drain. Imported burner +PLC touch control system + brand accessories.

Three pass steam boiler using a unique large combustion chamber structure design, maintain the super radiation heat transfer capacity. The boiler products effectively achieve low temperature combustion, improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler, reduce NOx emissions, efficient and environmental protection. This series of oil-fired boilers adopt threaded flue tubes, which increase the heat transfer effect and improve the boiler thermal efficiency. The smoke box before and after the boiler adopts multi-stage sealing mode, no smoke leakage.

This series of oil-fired boilers have large steam space and good steam quality. Boiler with water level, steam pressure, exhaust temperature and other multiple protection, safe and reliable. The front and back tube plate of steam boiler shell and the front and back tube plate of backcombustion chamber are respectively connected with the shell cylinder and furnace by the plate edge structure, and the connection between the pull rod and the tube plate is the groove to strengthen welding. The combined application characteristics of the above structure are: good sealing, the lowest thermal stress, improve the service life of the boiler and safe and reliable performance. The average life of a boiler is over twenty years.

Oil – fired steam boiler adopts 100% wave furnace, which not only strengthens the disturbance of flue gas, but also increases the radiation heat transfer area. And the 100% wave furnace has a good thermal scalability. Effectively absorb thermal expansion, reduce stress, thus ensuring boiler service life. The heating surface of the boiler is abundant, which can effectively absorb heat, the exhaust temperature is low, the heat loss is small, the output is sufficient and the thermal efficiency is high. All straight and circular joints of the boiler drum and furnace of this series of boiler products adopt automatic submerged arc welding. · Adopts advanced technology of pre-expansion and then full welding, and then expansion, which not only prevents the corrosion of pipe gap, but also enhances the welding strength.


Oil - fired steam boiler

Oil – fired steam boiler


Three pass steam boiler all the pressure components and the center of the drum symmetrical. The boiler adopts fully wet back structure, with a large inner cylinder and eccentric fire box structure, which is conducive to providing enough radiation heating surface. The lowest part of this series of boilers are equipped with front and rear blowdown devices, which are easy to discharge the sundries in the boiler and prevent the sludge accumulation at the bottom of the boiler. Zozen Boilers specialize in producing various types of boiler products, we have established friendly and cooperative relationship with many users for years, welcome to consult and purchase!

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