Biomass Fired Boilers For Sale

With the understanding of environmental protection now, more and more attention is paid to the supervision of environmental protection, so the emergence of biomass boiler is a good solution to this problem. Biomass fired boilers is a kind of heating equipment that can use natural gas, liquefied gas and electricity as energy sources. So the biomass boiler market will be better and better, today we understand some knowledge about biomass boiler.


Biomass fired boilers

Biomass fired boilers


Biomass Fired Boilers Features

  1. Reasonable arrangement of boiler structure, compact structure, small volume, short installation cycle;
  2. Large furnace space, forming front and rear furnace arch to improve the combustion stability;
  3. The boiler is compact in structure, safe and stable in operation;
  4. Large water volume, which is conducive to stop the protection to adapt to the change of boiler load;
  5. Arrange the secondary air reasonably, which is conducive to the full combustion of fuel;
  6. High efficiency heat preservation material, low surface temperature of boiler, small heat dissipation loss.

This series of boilers are produced in strict accordance with the specifications and standards, so all the pressurized parts are made of high quality boiler steel. Every boiler goes through strict inspection and testing before it goes out of the factory, including hydrostatic test and X-ray inspection. The boiler body is provided with manhole, inspection door, fire hole and so on, which is very convenient for maintenance. The biggest characteristic of biomass boiler is energy saving, environmental protection, and easy to install and use.

When biomass boiler is burning, the fuel is sent into the furnace by the spiral feeder. Here, due to the effect of high temperature flue gas and primary wind, it is gradually preheated, dried, ignited and burned. In this process, a large number of volatiles are precipitated and the combustion is intense. After the generated high-temperature flue gas scour the main heating surface of the boiler, it enters the economizer and air preheater of the heating surface at the tail of the boiler, and then enters the dust collector, and finally is discharged into the atmosphere through the chimney. The ungasified fuel moves toward the back of the grate until it burns out, and a small amount of ash falls into the slag eliminator behind the grate.


Biomass boilers price

Biomass boilers price


We are a high quality boiler manufacturer, long term sale of various types of boilers, a complete range of quality. Biomass fired boilers for sale, competitive price, safe and stable operation, beautiful and generous appearance, but also according to the customer’s drawings for customized services, welcome to consult the procurement.

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