Oil Fired Steam Boiler Use Range

We are specialized in the production of high quality industrial boiler manufacturers, for many years to produce high quality boiler products. Oil fired boiler application in many industrial fields and are well received and trusted by many users. The design and manufacture of oil fired steam boiler adopts a unique large combustion chamber structure design, and adopts a three-return all-wet back structure, so as to maintain the radiation heat transfer capacity at the same time, but also can achieve low temperature combustion. It improves the thermal efficiency of the boiler, reduces the emission of NOx, and uses energy saving and environmental protection.


Oil Fired Steam Boiler Use Range

Oil Fired Steam Boiler


The overall design of oil fired steam boiler is reasonable, and a number of advanced technologies are adopted to achieve the use effect of energy saving and environmental protection. The use of high efficiency component – threaded pipe can not only increase the heat transfer effect, but also improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler. The series of steam boiler before and after the smoke box adopts multi-stage sealing, no smoke leakage. The boiler has large steam space and good steam quality. At the same time, the water level, steam pressure, exhaust temperature and other multiple protection, safe and reliable use.

Oil fired boiler application are widely in many industries and fields. Can be applied to medicine, chemical industry, light industry, textile, building materials, breeding, food and beverage, plastic foam, printing and dyeing washing, rubber processing, paper and paper products, wood processing, hotels, clothing and leather, etc. WNS series steam boilers are protected by insulation materials to ensure low surface temperature of the boiler. Equipped with boiler energy saver, can effectively save fuel cost. Set up multi-point sewage discharge to ensure that the heating surface of the boiler is cleaner.

Oil fired steam boiler is widely used in the medical industry can be used for disinfection; Biochemical industry can be used with fermenter, reaction kettle, sandwich pot, mixer, emulsifier and other equipment; Food processing industry can be used for steaming cooked meat, meals, brewing, disinfection, etc.; In the hotel hotel through the exchanger, the heat of the steam exchange water supply, the water heating, and then can be heating, heating, bath, production and other purposes; Steam produced in the petrochemical industry heats oil and increases its liquidity. Steam is also used in petrochemical production. In other production enterprises, such as insulation foam board, production with steam heating raw material foaming production. The wood that makes furniture should be dried with steam and so on.


Oil Fired Steam Boiler Use Range

Oil Fired Steam Boiler Use Range


Oil fired boiler application is widely, excellent performance, in line with environmental protection standards. The boiler design and production add the fifth water level protection function, can realize the boiler water level automatic control, high, low water level and overpressure alarm and other all-round protection equipment safe operation. The Internet of Things (IoT) is used to monitor the operation of equipment remotely, and it has the functions of boiler operation data inquiry and automatic fault identification. Boiler packaging using professional industrial packaging design, stainless steel outsourcing, beautiful and generous, anti-corrosion. Zozen Boilers specialize in producing boiler products for many years, which have been exported to more than 100 countries and regions in the world, providing a complete set of boiler solutions to tens of millions of users. Welcome to consult and purchase, we will serve you wholeheartedly.

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