The Oil Fired Boiler Service Cost

Oil-fired boiler uses diesel oil, oil, kerosene and so on as fuel combustion, so it is called oil-fired boiler. What we want to talk about in this article today is how much is the operating cost of oil-fired boiler? Let’s find out! The oil fired boiler cost mainly includes fuel cost, water cost, electricity cost and labor cost. Here we take a ton of oil boiler to calculate the cost.


Oil fired boiler cost

Oil fired boiler cost


Fuel Let’s take diesel as an example. A 1ton oil-fired boiler consumes approximately 60 liters of diesel per hour, which is equal to 60/L*1/S=60/L; the price of diesel per liter is calculated at 5 yuan, which is equal to 60*5=300. Yuan/hour. A 1ton oil-fired boiler needs to consume about 1.1 tons of water, and the price of a ton of water is 3 yuan, which is equal to 1.1*3=3.3 yuan/ton. The electricity cost of a 1ton oil-fired boiler is 3kw (different models and the internal configuration of the boiler are different, so the possible power consumption rate is also different), calculated according to 1 yuan per kilowatt-hour of industrial electricity, which is equal to 3kw*1 = 3 yuan/hour. In addition, labor costs need to be added. The employee’s monthly salary is 2,800 a month, working 24 days a month, working 8 hours a day, which is equal to 2800*24*8=14.6 yuan/hour. Oil-fired boilers are calculated based on 8 hours of operation per day. The daily operating cost of oil-fired boilers is: (300+3.3+3+14.6)*8=2567.2 yuan/day.

Fuel cost is a part of boiler operating cost, which accounts for a very large proportion. Others, such as labor, maintenance, etc., compared with fuel costs, other data are minimal. The above is a rough calculation method for the operating cost of a 1ton oil-fired boiler, for reference only. To calculate the operating cost of a specific oil-fired boiler, we need to calculate the specific price of the operating cost of a boiler according to the local diesel price, the thermal efficiency of the boiler product, and the configuration of the boiler. Oil fired boiler cost low, mainly burning light oil and heavy oil. As the fuel is clean energy, oil-fired boilers are environmentally friendly boiler products.

This series of boiler products are mainstream boiler products. With an intelligent operating system, it is more convenient for users to operate. There is an intelligent computer control cabinet, which can fully control the boiler by pressing the button. Oil-fired boilers have the characteristics of convenience, cleanliness, high efficiency and low pollution. When choosing a boiler, the user must look at the parameters of the boiler product, such as thermal efficiency, size, fuel type, outlet water temperature (steam temperature), boiler weight, operating cost, rated evaporation (rated thermal power) and other parameters.

3 ways to reduce the cost of oil-fired boilers

  1. Complete combustion, can be observed according to the flame color, the color of the completely burned flame is brighter and presents a beautiful orange. Improve the complete combustion of fuel by refining fuel particles. Improve the atomization performance and promote the completion of combustion;
  2. After purchasing a high-efficiency oil-fired boiler and the fuel is completely burned, the boiler must have a high efficiency and utilization rate in order to make better use of the heat energy released by the fuel;
  3. Long service life can also effectively reduce the cost of oil-fired boilers. According to the ZOZEN’S engineer, the use of a flow mass meter can also promote the full combustion of fuel, and at the same time can remove the carbon deposits and colloids in the fuel system, block the conversion of sulfur and other impurities in the diesel, reduce the content of sulfur dioxide, and reduce boiler corrosion. Thereby extending the service life of oil-fired boilers.


High-efficiency oil-fired boiler

High-efficiency oil-fired boiler


The oil fired boiler cost is much lower than that of other fuel-type boiler products. The above is the calculation of the operating cost of the oil-fired boiler that the editor brought you today. I hope it will be helpful to you. Follow the editor to bring you more boiler-related information!

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