SZS Type Environmental Protection Gas Steam Boiler

Because the combustion chamber adopts a full-mode water-cooled wall structure. And the use of micro-positive pressure combustion, no smoke problem, no pollution of the operating environment. SZS type gas boiler has a horizontal layout, compact structure and small footprint. The boiler is equipped with anti-coal doors and flame detectors, which are safe and reliable in operation.


SZS type gas boiler

SZS type gas boiler


The water circulation of the environmental protection gas steam boiler body adopts forced circulation. Ensure that each part of the heating surface can be reliably received and prevent vaporization. An economizer is used at the tail of the gas-fired steam boiler. The exhaust gas temperature is reduced, the thermal efficiency is high, and the design efficiency is over 92%. This series of boiler products are equipped with manhole doors before and after the upper and lower drums, and inspection doors are arranged at the rear of the boiler, which are easy to open, which is convenient for users to overhaul and clean the inside and outside.

The SZS type gas boiler is shipped as a whole, with convenient transportation and short installation period. This type of boiler product is fully automated, with automatic operation and protection functions, and is easy to operate. The nitrogen emission of SZS series steam boilers is lower than the national standard, and the nitrogen emission is lower than 30mg/m3. At the same time, the radiant heating surface of the boiler is a full corrugated furnace. The convection heating surface adopts a threaded smoke pipe, and a flue gas condensation recovery device is arranged at the tail. The size of the furnace is matched to the flame, which greatly reduces the heat loss.

SZS series steam boiler can be equipped with oxygen content adjustment system. The system successfully monitors the oxygen content in the flue gas and transmits this data to the control system in real time. Through computer intelligent analysis, automatically adjust the proportion of combustion equipment. It is in real-time working conditions, and the combustion efficiency is greatly improved, which can greatly reduce the fuel consumption.

Butt joints are used for the main welds of gas steam boilers. And through X-ray and ultrasonic non-destructive testing to ensure that the welding quality meets the national requirements. The gas boiler has large water volume and gas space, and has strong adaptability to load. Reasonable design of the device in the pot ensures that the water-carrying rate of steam is less than 4%, which meets the higher requirements of users for steam quality.


SZS series steam boilers

SZS series steam boilers


The SZS type gas boiler adopts the lower support method and can freely expand upwards. The water level alarm adopts stainless steel as the electrode rod and PTFE as the insulating material. Inserted from above, it is not easy to be stained, with reliable performance and long service life. This type of boiler feed water adopts continuous electric adjustment, and has the functions of high and low water level alarm and overpressure alarm interlock protection.

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