25 Ton Coal Fired Steam Boiler for Paper Mill in Indonesia

  • Application Industry: Paper Industry
  • Project supporting boiler: SZL25-1.6-AII
  • Project boiler medium: Steam
ZOZEN 25 Ton Coal Fired Steam Boiler

ZOZEN 25 Ton Coal Fired Steam Boiler

Case Introduction

ZOZEN Boiler has established a partnership with a paper mill in Indonesia and successfully provided a 25 ton SZL series coal fired steam boiler based on their requirements. This boiler has demonstrated remarkable advantages in the papermaking process, providing the Indonesian paper mill with a reliable and efficient energy supply.

Firstly, the SZL series coal fired steam boiler features excellent combustion efficiency and thermal energy conversion capability. Through well-designed combustion system and advanced combustion control technology, the boiler efficiently converts coal into heat energy, delivering stable steam production. This is crucial for the papermaking process, which requires a significant amount of steam, ensuring continuous operation and high productivity of the production line.

Secondly, the SZL series coal fired steam boiler adopts a dual-drum water tube structure, providing a larger evaporating area and combustion chamber volume. This design effectively enhances heat transfer and evaporation efficiency, improving the boiler’s output capacity. In the papermaking process, this means that the boiler can rapidly generate a large quantity of high-quality steam, meeting the needs of various stages such as pulp preparation, drying, and heating.

Furthermore, the SZL series coal fired steam boiler excels in safety and reliability. The boiler is equipped with advanced safety protection devices and an automatic control system, enabling real-time monitoring and regulation of temperature, pressure, and combustion process to ensure safe and stable operation. This is crucial for the paper mill, as it helps prevent accidents and ensures the continuous operation of the production line.

Customer Feedback

We are extremely satisfied with the performance of the 25 ton SZL series coal fired boiler provided by ZOZEN Boiler. This boiler has demonstrated excellent energy utilization efficiency, reliable operation, and stable performance. It seamlessly integrated into our existing facilities at the paper mill, providing us with a continuous and stable steam supply.

The ZOZEN team has been professional and efficient, providing us with comprehensive support throughout the collaboration. They thoroughly understood our requirements and offered customized solutions to ensure the boiler perfectly matched our production needs.

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