6 Ton Gas Fired Steam Boiler

The gas steam boiler adopts a horizontal full wet back structure, the overall arrangement is compact and beautiful. The rear tube sheet of the boiler is not directly scoured by the high temperature flue gas, the working conditions are improved, and the heat dissipation loss at the rear of the boiler is small. External integrated finned tube economizer and external independent condenser are compact in structure and convenient for maintenance. The 6 ton gas boiler adopts FGR external circulation combustion technology, which meets the NOx≤30mg/m3 emission standard.


6 ton gas boiler

6 ton gas boiler


WNS series steam boilers are designed with a large furnace and a full-wave furnace to realize the internal circulation of flue gas. The flue gas absorbs the heat of the flame and reduces the flame temperature. Free nitrogen atoms do not easily form NOx with oxygen atoms. This series of boiler products adopts low-nitrogen burners with electronic proportional adjustment, and the combustion flame is matched with the furnace, which can achieve low nitrogen emissions. The threaded smoke pipe is adopted to strengthen the heat transfer effect, so that the boiler can heat up and increase the pressure quickly, and the thermal efficiency of the boiler is significantly improved.

The 6 ton gas boiler is equipped with an external condensing device, and its sealing plate is made of ND steel. And choose low temperature corrosion resistant spiral finned tube, greatly improve the service life. The adoption of the condensing device greatly reduces the exhaust gas temperature of the boiler and improves the thermal efficiency of the boiler. WNS gas boiler adopts FGR flue gas external circulation combustion technology. Part of the flue gas is mixed with air and sent to the combustion chamber for combustion. The mixed combustion air can effectively reduce the temperature and oxygen concentration in the combustion chamber, so that the flue gas emission meets the environmental protection requirements.

This type of steam boiler has a full range of safety interlock protection functions to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the boiler. The boiler is equipped with a flame monitoring system, a liquid level control system, a pressure control system, a combustion program control system, and a safety protection system (flame out protection, extreme low water level protection, phase failure protection).


WNS series steam boiler

WNS series steam boiler


The gas steam boiler adopts a corrugated furnace, which has good thermal expansion and contraction. The 6 ton gas boiler uses a water-cooled re-combustion chamber with sufficient heating area and reasonable layout. The thermal efficiency of the boiler can be further improved. At the same time, the WNS series steam boiler adopts a high-performance burner, which can fully mix the fuel with the air in the burner. And through the combustion of the burner, a torch is formed to burn in the furnace, so that the thermal efficiency of the boiler is further improved. Its thermal efficiency can be as high as about 98%.

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