Quotation For Light Oil Steam Boiler

The fuel of oil-fired steam boiler enters the burner by external gas source through automatic adjustment and automatic ignition kinetic energy to produce high temperature flame. It enters the burn-down chamber from the front end of the burn-down chamber, and enters the convection heating surface on the upper side of the rear part of the burn-down chamber. Through the upper part of the former smoke box into the second convection heating surface from the rear smoke box rear out of the boiler to the chimney into the atmosphere. If due to improper air conditioning dust can be settled in the front and rear smoke box, burning room, open the inspection door can be all cleaned up. Light oil steam boilers working medium is heated to produce saturated steam from the main steam valve output to the operating system.


Light oil steam boilers

Light oil steam boilers


This series of steam boilers are widely used in hospitals, schools, textile factories, clothing factories, supermarkets, clothing factories, printing and dyeing factories, hotels, canteenagers, restaurants, food factories, beverage factories, bean products factory, meat products factory, cannery, brewery, pharmaceutical factory, packaging factory, building materials factory, coating factory and other enterprises and institutions. The main engine of oil-fired boiler belongs to the integral structure, the burner is assembled on the front smoke box cover, and the body is mainly arranged with the heating surface and the combustion chamber part. With reasonable structure, compact, low steel consumption, the furnace with offset waveform furnace, thermal insulation layer selection of new lightweight heat insulation materials, outer packaging using color sheet, the overall structure is beautiful and generous.

Light oil steam boilers uses high efficiency environmental protection, energy saving and safety. The boiler adopts large space combustion chamber and reasonable structure arrangement, which greatly improves the fuel conversion capacity. This series of boiler products have large combustion chamber space, make full use of radiation heat exchange, use high-quality imported combustion machine to make fuel combustion, reduce harmful gas emissions. Our boilers are manufactured in accordance with the specified standards and ISO standards to ensure advanced production technology and product safety and reliability.

Light oil boilers have achieved key breakthroughs in the two core technologies of staged combustion and FGR flue gas recycling. NOX emission can reach 26mg/m³, and the use of energy saving and environmental protection. Steam boiler adopts dislocation double-layer ceramic fiber seal, double-layer 12cm aluminum silicate insulation, good insulation performance, small heat loss, energy saving of more than 5%. The boiler can use Internet of Things remote supervision, Internet of things remote supervision of equipment operation, boiler operation data query and automatic fault identification functions. At the same time add the fifth water level protection function, can realize the boiler water level automatic control, high, low water level and overpressure alarm and other all-round protection equipment safe operation.


Oil-fired steam boiler

Oil-fired steam boiler


The light oil steam boilers is equipped with dual energy-saving devices, and the thermal efficiency can be increased by 5-10%. The auxiliary boiler system includes a fuel preparation system, a wind and smoke system, an electric control system, a steam and water system, a combustion system and a water treatment system. The boiler adopts professional industrial packaging design, stainless steel outsourcing, beautiful appearance and anti-corrosion. Zozen Boilers thank you for your watching and support. I will introduce you to the relevant knowledge of steam boilers here. I hope that the above content can be helpful to everyone. If you don’t understand anything or if you want to consult, you can contact our staff directly, and we will serve you wholeheartedly.

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