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Fully automatic gas fired steam boiler is a horizontal quick-mounted internal fire tube boiler with three return journeys. The bifurcated flue gas is used to wash the second and third return flue gas pipes successively, and then the flue gas chamber is discharged into the atmosphere through the chimney. The heating area of the gas steam boilers is designed in accordance with the high standard and fully absorbs effective heat. Low exhaust temperature, small heat loss, ensure sufficient output, high efficiency. The boiler is fitted with movable front and rear smoke box covers to facilitate boiler maintenance.


Gas steam boilers

Gas steam boilers


Gas-fired boiler are equipped with industrial burners with good technical performance. It adopts advanced technologies such as automatic proportional regulation of combustion, automatic regulation of water supply, program start and stop, automatic operation, etc. And with high and low water level alarm and very low water level, ultra-high steam pressure, flame out and other automatic protection functions. Gas steam boilers has the characteristics of compact structure, safe and reliable, simple operation, quick installation, less pollution, low noise and high efficiency.

This series of steam boilers are suitable for chemical industry: fertilizer factory, oil refinery, beverage factory, painting factory, plastic factory, glass factory, sulfuric acid factory, etc. Manufacturing industry: the paper mill, textile mills, milk factory, brewery, food factory, food bacteria fang, shoe factory, ceramics factory, furniture factory, setting, mat factory, cigarette factories, chopsticks, printing, adhesive tape, foam factory, hardware factory, floor factory, cabinet factory, wood factory, cell factory, saltworks, tea plant, factory, etc. Construction industry: road and bridge maintenance, concrete autoclaved, aerated brick autoclaved, etc. As well as agricultural products processing, pharmaceutical production, fire materials production and other industries can be used.

Multiple control protection for pressure and water level of gas fired boiler, as well as ultra-smoky temperature protection, ensure safe operation of boiler. Using large diameter corrugated furnace, large combustion space, complete fuel combustion, effective absorption of heat expansion, radiation heating surface. Moreover, this series of boilers have large shell diameter, large water capacity, strong adaptability to load changes and stable output. The steam space volume is large, the net distance between the soda interface and the steam outlet is high enough, and the steam humidity is low.


Gas fired boiler supply

Gas fired boiler supply


The production of gas steam boilers has enough safe precipitation space to ensure the operation safety of the boiler. At the same time, it has the function of fire viewing mirror and maintenance channel, and it is convenient to overhaul and maintain the furnace by adjusting the burning flame in operation. The top of the boiler is provided with manhole, and the middle and lower parts of the front and rear ends of the boiler are provided with unique manhole device, which is convenient for the maintenance and cleaning of the device inside the boiler and the bottom of the boiler. We are high quality boilers manufacturer, specializing in the production of various types of boilers. Over the years with many customers to achieve friendly relations of cooperation. Products are sold in many countries and regions of the world, welcome to consult procurement.


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