4 Tons Oil Fired Steam Boiler Price

Oil-fired steam boiler adopts wet-back three-return structure, symmetrical arrangement of smoke pipe, uniform distribution, can improve the stress distribution of tubesheet. The boiler adopts wet-back structure combustion chamber completely immersed in water, good cooling conditions. 4 Tons oil fired boiler rear tube plate is not scoured by high temperature flue gas, long service life. The application of corrugated furnace liner not only increases the heating surface but also relieves the damage caused by thermal expansion and contraction to the combustion chamber and improves the intensity. The front and rear smoke boxes of this series steam boiler are connected by hinge type, which can be easily opened and repaired. Large steam space makes the steam out of the water speed is low, and the built-in soda water separation device, to ensure stable steam output.


4 Tons oil fired boiler

4 Tons oil fired boiler


This series of steam boiler adopts threaded smoke pipe to enhance heat exchange effect and improve thermal efficiency. The digital control technology applied in oil-fired boiler can remotely control the combustion process. High degree of automation, all kinds of protection perfect, to achieve automatic control of water level pressure. The condensation heat exchanger made of special material can be added to the smoke outlet to reduce the smoke exhaust temperature and collect the sensible heat and latent heat in the flue gas, and improve the efficiency of the boiler. The flue has a bypass flue, which can be adjusted according to the size of the boiler load to adjust whether to put into the use of the condenser.

This series of boiler products have many advantages such as low pollution, clean environmental protection, high thermal efficiency, low operating cost, safety and reliability, and is the most used boiler products after gas boiler. 4 tons of oil-fired steam boiler refers to the steam boiler rated evaporation capacity of 4 tons, that is to say, it can produce 4 tons of steam per hour. 4 Tons oil fired boiler refers to horizontal oil-fired steam boiler, which is the type of “horizontal” boiler products.

Oil-fired steam boiler adopts mechanical and electrical integration structure, generous appearance, compact structure, less space occupation, convenient transportation, less infrastructure investment, both follow the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection, and meet the heat energy required by the project. In the production and use of this series of boiler products, this kind of boiler really achieves clean combustion, pollution-free discharge, convenient operation and sufficient output.

WNS series boiler adopts scientific product design, advanced processing technology, strict quality control, all the boiler equipment produced by our factory, the continuous operation life is as high as 10 years. The radiation heating surface of the boiler is full corrugated furnace, and the convection heating surface is made of threaded smoke pipe. The heating surface is large, and the heat production and output of the boiler are sufficient, and the thermal efficiency can reach more than 95%, which is higher than the provisions. The boiler body adopts wet-back three return, full corrugated furnace, threaded smoke pipe structure, with good thermal scalability. The tube plate and the cylinder body adopt the plate edge connection structure, the main welding seam of the body is the butt structure, all adopt submerged arc automatic welding.


Oil-fired steam boiler

Oil-fired steam boiler


4 Tons oil fired boiler adopts unique multi-return, fire tube heat exchange, multiple heating structure design. The series of steam boiler to ensure that the water into the equipment quickly heating up, to ensure the output of high-quality hot water, PLC intelligent control system, one-key operation, intelligent control, accurate temperature control, water level control, self-help ignition, self-help operation. The boiler is designed with high quality burner, temperature control instrument, water pump, valve accessories and other preferred high quality equipment. The equipment can implement automatic load and temperature adjustment, and has multiple automatic protection functions such as water shortage, overtemperature, flameout, dry burning and temperature control.

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