Biomass Fired Boiler For Industry

The operation of biomass fired boiler is the same as that of coal fired boiler. Different combustion equipment is set up according to different boiler specifications and models. But because biomass pellet fuel is compression molding, water, high density, volatiles overflow rate is slow, not easy to fire combustion, easy to smoke black. So to ensure that biomass fuel combustion complete, that is: to make the combustion equipment and the fuel used to adapt. The incomplete loss should be reduced by increasing furnace temperature and improving combustion.


Biomass boiler for sale

Biomass boiler for sale


It is necessary to adjust and control fuel air ratio, coal seam thickness, grate speed, negative pressure of furnace and excess air coefficient. Inspection, maintenance and maintenance should be strengthened during operation.

There are two main differences between biomass direct combustion power generation technology and conventional thermal power generation technology, which are also two major technical difficulties, namely, transient combustion equipment and feeding system. Biomass combustion equipment is mainly: heap combustion, grate type combustion boiler, suspended boiler, and fluidized bed combustion boiler. At present, the technology of grate type combustion boiler is widely used in foreign countries and it has successful operation experience.

Vibrating grate boiler is natural circulation, single drum, but furnace, balanced ventilation, indoor layout, all steel frame structure, bottom support structure boiler. The biomass fired boiler soda water system adopts the natural circulation and the centralized drop tube structure outside the furnace.

This series of biomass boiler adopts “M” type arrangement, and the furnace and superheater channel adopt fully closed mode structure, which ensures the sealing performance of the boiler well. Superheated steam adopts four levels of heating and three levels of water spraying to reduce temperature, so that the superheater temperature has a large adjustment margin to ensure the boiler steam parameters.

Burning biomass pellet fuel boiler needs to be equipped with special air supply facilities, in full guarantee combustion biomass “pellet” oxygen supply requirements, the boiler air intake can be adjusted. The key technology of biomass boilers is: high-density biomass “pellet” compression molding processing equipment and continuous production of automatic production line, boiler structure, combustion mode, heat transfer mode, air supply mode break through the traditional mode.


Biomass fired boiler

Biomass fired boiler


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