DZL Series Tri-drum Horizontal Type Firewood Steam Boiler

ZOZEN Firewood Steam Boiler

Product Thermal Capacity: 15-40 t/h

Working Pressure: 1.25 MPa / 1.6 MPa / 2.5 MPa

Available Fuel: Biomass pellets, rice husks, wood chips, palm shells, sawdust, etc.

Available Industries: Heating, chemical, food, tobacco, textile, printing and dyeing, feed, pharmaceutical, building materials, brewing, rubber, hospitals.

DZL Series Tri-drum Horizontal Type Firewood Steam Boiler Introduction

The DZL series tri-drum horizontal type firewood steam boiler is a third-generation water tube boiler. It is independently developed by ZOZEN Boiler and has independent intellectual property rights. The boiler adopts a modular structure, consisting of two large components, the upper and lower parts. The front part of the boiler body is surrounded by water-cooled walls, connected to the upper drum and connected to the header at the lower part, forming the combustion chamber to absorb the radiant heat of the furnace. In the rear part, between the upper and lower drums, there are convection tube bundles. After the fuel is burned in the furnace, the high-temperature flue gas flushes the heating surfaces of the convection tube bundles laterally, then enters the economizer, and finally enters the dust collector before being discharged through the chimney.

DZL Series Tri-drum Horizontal Type Firewood Steam Boiler Advantages

Wide fuel adaptability: Suitable for biomass pellets, rice husks, wood chips, corn cobs, sawdust, and more.

Complete fuel combustion: The design of Zhongzheng’s chain grate and independent air chamber ensures thorough fuel combustion.
High thermal efficiency: The furnace adopts densely arranged water-cooled wall tube structure, providing a large radiation surface area, resulting in a thermal efficiency exceeding 87.5%.
Convenient operation and maintenance: Advanced control system enables high automation in fuel supply, ash removal, and slag discharge operations.

DZL Series Tri-drum Horizontal Type Firewood Steam Boiler Specification

Model Rated steam capacity (t/h) Rated working pressure (MPa) Rated steam temperature (℃) Feed water temperature (℃) Maximum transport dimension (m)
DZL15-1.25-SCⅢ 15 1.25 194 104 10.10×3.15×3.60
DZL15-1.6-SCⅢ 15 1.6 204 104 10.10×3.15×3.60
DZL15-2.5-SCⅢ 15 2.5 225 104 10.10×3.15×3.60
DZL20-1.25-SCⅢ 20 1.25 194 104 10.70×3.90×3.60
DZL20-1.6-SCⅢ 20 1.6 204 104 10.70×3.90×3.60
DZL20-2.5-SCⅢ 20 2.5 225 104 10.70×3.90×3.60
DZL25-1.25-SCⅢ 25 1.25 194 104 10.70×3.90×3.60
DZL25-1.6-SCⅢ 25 1.6 204 104 10.70×3.90×3.60
DZL25-2.5-SCⅢ 25 2.5 225 104 10.70×3.90×3.60
DZL30-1.25-SCⅢ 30 1.25 194 104 10.00×3.36×3.60
DZL30-1.6-SCⅢ 30 1.6 204 104 10.00×3.36×3.60
DZL30-2.5-SCⅢ 30 2.5 225 104 10.00×3.36×3.60
DZL35-1.25-SCⅢ 35 1.25 194 104 10.00×4.10×3.80
DZL35-1.6-SCⅢ 35 1.6 204 104 10.00×4.10×3.80
DZL35-2.5-SCⅢ 35 2.5 225 104 10.00×4.10×3.80
DZL40-1.25-SCⅢ 40 1.25 194 104 10.00×4.44×4.30
DZL40-1.6-SCⅢ 40 1.6 204 104 10.00×4.44×4.30
DZL40-2.5-SCⅢ 40 2.5 225 104 10.00×4.44×4.30

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