2ton Heavy Oil Steam Boiler For Sale

The 2ton heavy oil boiler is mainly used in some special industries, such as steam industry. Because there is often some high temperature gas in this industry, if the industry needs to move these media from one place to another, the heavy oil boiler is a better choice. The design of the heavy oil steam boiler is reasonable, the fuel combustion is sufficient, the boiler operation is stable and takes up less space, at the same time, the spoiler inserted in the smoke pipe slows down the exhaust speed, increases the heat exchange, the boiler thermal efficiency is high, reduces the use cost.


Heavy oil steam boiler

Heavy oil steam boiler

The steam of heavy oil fired steam boiler is a kind of heat carrier with sufficient source and low cost. It has stable chemical property of steam, is harmless to human health, and will not cause environmental pollution. Steam heat capacity is large, can be used to transport large amounts of heat in smaller pipes. At the same temperature, steam contains more than twenty times as much heat as air or smoke of the same mass. The heat of steam can be released step by step, easy to adjust and control, and can be used effectively to a large extent. The change of water into steam at a certain temperature is a spontaneous directional process. Using this rule can facilitate the design and operation of thermal equipment.

The heavy oil steam boiler adopts the waveform furnace, the convection zone adopts the optimized combination form of the threaded smoke pipe and the light pipe. The flue gas flow is long, the heat transfer effect is good, can effectively reduce the boiler volume. This series of oil-fired boilers also adopt the smoke box with reasonable design, the use of double sealing structure to ensure the sealing of the smoke, the use of double door structure, easy maintenance. The whole boiler structure adopts bevel welding and full wet back structure, which can effectively improve the boiler operating environment, increase boiler efficiency and prolong boiler service life.

This series of industrial steam boiler is equipped with pressure controller, pressure transmitter, load controller and so on. The pressure transmitter signals to the load controller to achieve proportional combustion control. The pressure controllers are over-limit alarm, stand-by and stand-by self-start, large-and-small-fire conversion, etc. The segmented combustion control is realized by the use of a pressure controller with a large and small fire conversion. Zozen Boilers for many years specializing in the production of boiler, welcome everybody to come to consult.

2 Ton heavy oil boiler must be maintained when it is out of service for a long time to prevent corrosion. Before being put into operation again, detailed inspection should be carried out, and special attention should be paid to the inspection of the auxiliary machine, in order to prevent the motor from being burnt out and other accidents; In the boiler in use, it is necessary to check and maintain valves, instruments, combustion equipment, water supply system, fuel system and so on from time to time, to ensure that all equipment pass the normal accessories.


2 Ton heavy oil steam boiler

2 Ton heavy oil steam boiler


The overall design of heavy oil steam boiler is reasonable, and its fuel must meet the design and use requirements of combustion equipment itself. The composition, viscosity, calorific value and impurity of the fuel must meet the design requirements of the combustion equipment and boiler products. Oil-fired boilers room should make the necessary operation rules, the boiler is strictly prohibited to overload, excess pressure, excess temperature use, such as pressure, water level, temperature abnormal situation, should stop the furnace in time to check. Zozen Boilers production experience, product model is complete, worth customer trust.

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