Large Industrial Gas Steam Boiler Manufacturing

SZS series boiler is composed of upper (middle), lower boiler cylinder, film type water wall, convection tube bundle, superheater, tail energy saver, condenser and so on. Industrial gas steam boiler combustor adopts full film type water wall structure, good sealing, no air leakage, less heat dissipation, increase the boiler heating surface, improve thermal efficiency. Large industrial gas boiler with full film wall structure, the furnace and flue have good rigidity, strong anti-explosion ability and safe operation.


Large industrial gas boiler

Large industrial gas boiler


Gas fired steam boiler convection tube bundle single stroke, reduce flue gas side resistance, the best economic flow rate design, micro positive pressure combustion, improve heat transfer efficiency. This series of boilers have larger furnace volume, section width and length size, suitable for various burner layout. Convenient layout of multiple burners. The fuel stays in the furnace for a longer time and burns more fully and efficiently. Boiler adopts advanced electromechanical integration automatic control technology. Remote man-machine interaction and data sharing can be realized through the mobile Internet.

The boiler products uses large furnace size to meet the requirements of ultra-low nitrogen combustion. Combined with the burner, NOx emission can meet the environmental requirements of the place where it is used. Furnace water wall and convection heat transfer surface layout, boiler heating fast, large boiler water capacity, safe and stable operation. Large industrial gas boiler adopts high quality insulation material and special construction technology, which has little heat loss and saves fuel. Automatic burner, ignition program control and overpressure, flaring, gas leakage protection automatic control system.

Gas-fired boilers use the world’s leading combustion and flue gas circulation technology to achieve ultra-low nitrogen emissions. Boiler thermal efficiency can reach 99%, high efficiency, safety, energy saving, environmental protection has become the priority of customers in various industries. This type of boiler products is rated for steam capacity range 4-100ton/h, pressure 3.82MPa, superheated steam 250°C to 450°C. SZS series boiler furnace volume is large, fuel combustion is sufficient, fuel adaptation is good. Sufficient boiler heating surface and large enough steam space to ensure the stability of boiler parameters. The boiler as a whole uses the closed welding structure of the air tightness of the inner plate, the outer layer of corrugated pressed plate, beautiful appearance.


SZS series boiler

SZS series boiler


Large industrial gas boiler operation in order to ensure the boiler ignition safety, the top of the boiler design explosion door. Boiler feed water adopts continuous automatic regulation, and has high and low water level alarm protection chain function. The use of high-quality burners can reduce the emission of NOx to less than 21 mg/m3, reaching the advanced level of low nitrogen emission combustion technology. The tube bundle membrane wall partition wall of the boiler is provided with an inspection hole, which provides great convenience for maintenance and inspection in use. Welcome to visit our factory, more boiler information, welcome to contact me!

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