SZS Series Gas Steam Boilers Supply

SZS series gas fired boilers are double-drum “D” type water-tube boilers, which have the advantages of full combustion, pollution-free discharge, convenient operation and easy installation. Gas steam boilers supply thermal efficiency, large output, load adaptability, high degree of automation, easy to operate, safe and reliable operation. This series of steam boiler is an ideal high efficiency, low consumption, low pollution green products.


Gas steam boilers supply

Gas steam boilers supply


Industrial gas fired boiler is composed of upper and lower boiler barrel, membrane water cooling wall, convection tube bundle, energy saving device and condenser. After the fuel is burned in the furnace, the flue gas is discharged into the chimney through the convection tube and flue gas waste heat recovery device. This series of steam boilers will play a very important role in the application field of thermal equipment in the future. Gas-fired boiler has compact structure, small floor area, good flame filling degree, full wet back structure and large volume design of combustion chamber, making combustion more sufficient.

The gas steam boilers supply with membrane water wall structure, and the boiler is fully enclosed and welded with gas-tight inner protective plate. The furnace wall has good sealing, less smoke exhaust loss and high thermal efficiency. SZS series steam boiler has large heating surface, good heat preservation effect, large furnace capacity, sufficient radiation heating surface, and completely full combustion. This series of steam boiler has good environmental protection performance, full capacity and overload capacity, and adopts high thermal resistance material as insulation layer with good thermal insulation performance.

The gas fired steam boiler is highly automatic, with a flue gas condensing and recovery unit at the end, which can effectively control the exhaust temperature. The boiler has high thermal efficiency, highly efficient combustion machine, automatic operation, continuous electric adjustment for water supply, and high combustion efficiency. Boiler overall design is reasonable, with inspection holes, explosion-proof door, in order to ensure the safety of the boiler ignition, boiler roof design with explosion-proof door. The manhole in the furnace makes the boiler safe, reliable and easy to maintain.

SZS series gas boiler adopts full-film wall structure, no air leakage, small heat loss of exhaust smoke, high thermal efficiency. Compact structure, small installation volume, saving investment. Steam boiler adopts natural circulation and large section ratio, hot water boiler adopts forced circulation, water circulation is safe and reliable. Equipped with famous efficient brand burner, auxiliary machine and accessories, achieve automatic operation. The feed water pump adopts continuous electric adjustment, and has the function of high and low water level alarm chain protection. The furnace is provided with inspection hole, which provides great convenience for use and maintenance, and the furnace top is provided with explosion-proof door.


SZS series gas boiler priced

SZS series gas boiler priced


Gas steam boilers supply furnace is provided with inspection hole, which provides great convenience for use and maintenance, and the furnace top is provided with explosion-proof door. Zozen Boilers is committed to provide users with high quality service of the boiler, over the years, friendly cooperative relations with more than 100 countries and regions by the user’s consistent high praise and trust.

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