2 Tons of Biomass Steam Boiler For Sale

Biomass steam boiler using arch tube plate and threaded pipe composition of drum, so that the drum from the quasi rigid body into quasi elastic structure, cancel the tube-plate area of the pull support, reduce the stress. The smoke pipe in tubesheet is changed from two return to single return, which solves the problem of tubesheet crack. 2 tons biomass boiler drum bottom due to the arrangement of the lifting pipe row, eliminate the dead water area at the bottom of the drum. The sludge is not easy to deposit, the high temperature area of the drum can get good cooling, prevent the drum bottom bulge. The boiler adopts threaded smoke tube for heat transfer, which can enhance the heat transfer effect, achieve the characteristics of boiler heating up and pressure boosting quickly, and improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler.


2 tons biomass boiler

2 tons biomass boiler


Compared with the same type of boiler, the series of boiler products are compact in structure and small in size, which saves the capital construction investment of boiler room. Steam boiler stable operation, easy adjustment, output foot. Biomass fired boiler adopts threaded smoke tube to enhance heat transfer and improve heat transfer coefficient and thermal efficiency, because of the disturbance of flue gas in the tube. The smoke pipe is not easy to accumulate ash, play the role of self-cleaning. The eight wall in the boiler furnace and the part of the smoke window have a certain dust removal function. The original dust concentration of the boiler is controlled below the standard and the smoke emission of the boiler is guaranteed to reach the environmental protection index.

In the current situation of energy shortage and serious environmental pollution in the world, biomass as a renewable energy, and the sulfur content of biomass is low, nitrogen content is not high, NOx and SO2 content is very low after combustion. The ash content in biomass is also generally very small, so the soot content is very low after full combustion. At the same time, the biomass combustion process has the characteristics of zero CO2 emissions, and the development and utilization of biomass energy has broad prospects. This series of boilers product have high calorific value and good combustion. 2 tons biomass boiler ratio, long burning time straw after crushing, pressure, dense molding. Its density can reach 0.9-1.4g/cm3, the volume of the molded product is only equivalent to 1/30 of the original straw, greatly prolonging the burning time, is the original straw with the same weight 10-15 times, easy to store and transport.

Biomass fired steam boiler use green, environmental protection, low carbon. Biomass briquette fuel has high calorific value, high density, ash content is 5%, sulfur content is less than 5, the residual after combustion is high-quality potash fertilizer, normal combustion without soot and black smoke emissions, carbon dioxide is almost zero emissions, much lower than the specified emission standards, to meet the environmental requirements. This boiler uses biomass particles made from agricultural and forestry wastes as fuel, and the fuel cost is greatly reduced compared with other boilers. In addition, it output enough, steam quality is good, very good to meet the needs of many enterprises production.


Biomass fired steam boiler

Biomass fired steam boiler


2 tons biomass boiler in the operation process of waste gas, waste smoke, etc., according to the detection of environmental standards. In addition, the service of Zozen Boilers is also very good. From the beginning of the installation to the final successful operation, they send professional and technical personnel to guide and accompany them to ensure that the boiler is put into operation on time. The biomass fired steam boiler uses a new furnace design to maximize fuel combustion, and heat transfer through the built-in three-pass threaded smoke tube, so that the thermal efficiency of the boiler reaches 85%. Using waste as a suitable fuel, the burned ash can also be used as farmyard manure, which is an environmentally friendly product with high efficiency and energy saving.

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