Chain Grate Biomass Boilers Supply

Biomass chain grate boiler its fuel combustion general adjustment principles are: fuel to ensure that the continuous input, and if it is dry, its particle size to meet the specified requirements. The furnace should not leak, and the frequency of the grate vibration should be appropriate, according to the size of the boiler load to adjust, make it appropriate. Its air supply to ensure that it is sufficient, its oxygen should be greater than the pulverized coal furnace to go. Because grate vibration is a remixing process, it is recommended to use long interval and short vibration mode to prevent severe disturbance in the furnace, which will affect the combustion of fuel. Chain grate biomass boilers heating surface, should prevent the occurrence of ash, coking and corrosion phenomenon.


Chain grate biomass boilers

Chain grate biomass boilers


This series of chain grate boiler is a kind of horizontal three-return water and fire tube mixed boiler, which has a bunch of threaded smoke pipe arranged in the boiler barrel. The left and right sides of the furnace chamber are equipped with water cooling walls of light pipes. It adopts light chain grate to realize mechanical coal feeding, equipped with blower and induced draft fan for mechanical ventilation, and equipped with scraper type slag discharge machine to realize automatic slag discharge. The front and rear arches of the furnace adopt new energy saving technology. After the fuel falls on the grate from the coal sill and enters the furnace for combustion, the flame, through the refraction of the rear arch, turns upward through the burning chambers on both sides of the body and turns to the front smoke box, and then turns back to the tube bundle in the pot by the front smoke box, enters the economizer through the rear smoke box, and then is pumped by the induced draft fan to the air through the flue to the chimney.

The chain grate biomass boilers has high thermal efficiency and meets the technical standards. The operation is mechanized and the labor intensity of the stoker is reduced. After delivery, install valve instrument, drum, induced draft fan, smoke air pipe, economizer, dust remover, slag extractor. Coal loader and water and electricity road can run, and has the characteristics of starting a fire quickly. Easy installation and movement can save a lot of capital investment.

Biomass fired chain grate boiler with biomass pellet, biomass pressure block as fuel, the boiler operation automation, automatic feeding, automatic slag, 4T / 2.8MW steam or hot water boiler can use a single pot, can also be arranged with a double pot; More than 4T / 2.8MW furnace type is mostly double pot barrel layout. There are many kinds of biomass boiler, users can choose appropriately.

This series of industrial boilers single drum boiler biomass chain grate boiler is characterized by two-wing flue design, flue gas from the rear two wing flue into the front smoke box, reduce the smoke temperature, effectively prevent tube plate cracking. Threaded smoke pipe design, enhance heat transfer effect, avoid ash in smoke pipe. Optimized design of furnace arch structure, more fuel adaptability. Double drum boiler biomass chain grate boiler is mainly characterized by large furnace design, optimized furnace structure, make fuel combustion full and complete, avoid coking. Reasonable air distribution and secondary air intake system can ensure full combustion of volatiles and improve thermal efficiency. Double insulation, double sealing, reduce heat loss, improve heat utilization.


Biomass fired boiler sales

Biomass fired boiler sales


The chain grate biomass boilers adopts improved GEF special slag removal technology. The new type of small scale grate plate is adopted, the unique safety ring is added, the technical problem of grate flake falling off is completely overcome, the air leakage of grate is effectively reduced, the grate operation is stable and reliable, and the combustion efficiency is greatly improved. The optimized structure of the air distribution chamber with independent regulation of both sides of the grate is adopted, which can effectively satisfy the combustion of the fuel into the furnace. Zozen Boilers is committed to producing high quality boiler products, over the years, friendly cooperative relations with a number of consumers welcome advisory procurement, we will serve you wholeheartedly.

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