Gas Fired Molten Salt Heater Application Range

Working principle of gas fired molten salt heater is deep into the molten bath salt powder, through high pressure steam heating tube slot installed heating melting, heating to the groove of the viscosity of the molten salt can be beaten out with a circulating pump circulation, makes the whole system after circulating flow state, further circulation heat pump to heat carrier furnace, to achieve temperature can be used. Molten salt heater application has a wide range of and reasonable pricing, which has won unanimous praise and trust from customers.


Molten salt heater application

Molten salt heater application


The series molten salt heaters can obtain higher operating temperature under operating pressure. Stable heating temperature, accurate load temperature adjustment, stable operation in adjustable load section and automatic operation control and safety monitoring device. The boiler has high heat utilization rate and remarkable energy saving effect.

Molten salt heater application is widely used with high thermal efficiency, energy saving, high degree of automation, strong reliability and high safety performance. At the same time also has a good environmental protection quality, adaptability, small size and other outstanding advantages. Through the operation, it can meet the requirements of production management, simple operation, safe and reliable operation, so it has been widely used in modern industry.

Gas fired molten salt furnace is widely used in petroleum industry, chemical industry and pharmaceutical industry, oil industry, synthetic fiber industry, papermaking, plastic, rubber industry, wood processing industry, building materials industry, metallurgy, machinery processing and casting industry, food industry, textile printing and dyeing industry, metallurgical industry, automobile manufacturing, carbon industry. In addition to the above mentioned industries, thermal oil boilers can also be used for warm water generators, hot water generators, steam generators, radiators and soap detergent industry, tar processing industry and so on.

This series of industrial boilers is reasonably priced and molten salt is a mixture of KNO3,NaNO2, and NaNO3. The heat carrier boiler heats the powder molten salt to the melting temperature above, so that it can be used in the circulation under the molten flow state, with high temperature and good efficiency. This series of boilers can be used for natural gas, gas, urban living gas and biogas and other fuels. The whole adopts automatic control, mechanization, high degree of automation. Take reasonable scale adjustment, PLC programmable and touch screen control technology, high quality, welcome to consult.


Gas fired molten salt furnace

Gas fired molten salt furnace


Molten salt heater application has wide range, high automatic control degree, normal working pressure and high working temperature. Zozen Boilers specializing in the production of boiler with high quality products, excellent quality, rich production experience, strong technical force, long service life, welcome the masses of users to advisory procurement, we will serve you wholeheartedly.

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