Horizontal Gas Fired Thermal Oil Boilers Price

Gas thermal oil boiler is our company based on years of design and manufacturing experience, combined with advanced technology, absorption of successful experience. The structure of heat conduction oil furnace and system adopted by our company is from low-end manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing and creation of intelligent products. Optional burner and PLC full automatic intelligent control system, low noise operation, easy installation and operation. Horizontal thermal oil boilers each technical index has reached or exceeded the standard, to create a series of integrated, modular, intelligent products.


Horizontal thermal oil boilers

Horizontal thermal oil boilers


YYQW series boilers are widely used in petrochemical, chemical, plastic, rubber, grease, textile, wood, coating, construction, food, air conditioning, paper making, cardboard and other industries. The boiler is a quick horizontal forced circulation gas thermal oil furnace. This series thermal oil furnace is compact in structure, the heating surface is composed of inner, middle and outer (or inner and outer) densely arranged disk tube, the inner tube is radiation heating surface. The middle and outer coils are convection heating surfaces.

This series of thermal oil boiler fuel burns and releases heat in the combustion chamber composed of inner coils. After absorbing most of the heat through the radiation heating surface, the high temperature flue gas enters the convection heating surface for heat exchange. After heat exchange, the flue gas is discharged through the smoke outlet of the furnace body, and enters the air preheater to fully exchange heat with the air. After heat exchange, the flue gas enters the condenser and carries on heat exchange with water. After the flue gas temperature is reduced to below 100℃, it is discharged into the atmosphere through the chimney. Horizontal thermal oil boilers system unique economic design, so that the overall thermal efficiency of heat conduction oil furnace is more than 94%. The boiler provides stable high temperature heat source for users, and our products have 10% design allowance.

Gas-fired thermal oil boiler has the furnace body structure without damaging the heat carrier, which can greatly prolong the service life of the heat medium. The temperature at the outlet of the main heat conduction oil can be controlled within ±1℃ by adopting the automatic control method advanced in China. There is a perfect safety detection device to prevent the occurrence of dangerous operation state of heat conduction oil furnace. The whole system of boiler products and each equipment are easy to maintain and check. The thermal oil boiler system has high heat utilization rate. Because of the overall installation of the module, it is convenient to operate and maintain. It is a kind of safe, high thermal efficiency and energy saving ideal heating equipment.


Gas-fired thermal oil boiler

Gas-fired thermal oil boiler


The volume changes of the working medium of the horizontal thermal oil boilers due to heat and heat release and temperature rise and fall are compensated by technical measures in the system. Before circulating heating, there are technical measures to strictly control the content of air, moisture and other low volatile matter in the working medium. When the boiler leaves the factory, the body, oil storage tank, oil-steam separator, filter, circulating pump, oil injection pump, valves, instruments, electrical control cabinets and other parts are transported as a whole. Zozen Boilers specializes in the production of various types of boiler products, with high automation and advanced production technology. Users are welcome to come and visit!

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