Gas Thermal Oil Boiler Customization

The heating surface of the gas thermal oil boiler is compact in structure, and the heating surface is composed of inner and outer densely arranged disks. The inner coil of gas thermal oil boilers is a radiation heating surface, and the outer surface of the outer coil and the inner coil constitutes a convection heating surface. The boiler is composed of the upper body and the lower combustion chamber, which is combined on site. After combustion in the combustion chamber fully burned, after the radiation heating surface absorbs most of the heat, the high temperature flue gas enters the convection heating surface for heat transfer, after the boiler is heated in the air preheater for boiler combustion, and then the flue gas is sent to the chimney by the induced draft fan through the dust collector and discharged into the atmosphere.


Gas thermal oil boilers

Gas thermal oil boilers


The design of thermal oil furnace is based on heat transfer, combustion, fluid mechanics, structural mechanics, heat resistant material science technology, comprehensive consideration of various factors, in which the experience of the designer is very important. Generally, the process design and fuel characteristics are provided by the user to the hot oil furnace designer, while the combustion design and structural design and flow design are mainly undertaken by the thermal oil furnace designer. When the hot oil furnace is designed, it must be clear what kind of process device the heat conduction oil furnace is used for and what purpose it is intended to achieve. Only by clarifying the use requirements, can the designer of thermal oil furnace pay full attention to its operation, heat intensity, furnace tube material, and maintenance measures.

When designing hot oil furnace, it is necessary to know the specific gravity, viscosity, specific heat, thermal conductivity and other physical property data of thermal oil. These data are necessary to calculate the heat balance in thermal oil furnace, the heat transfer coefficient of oil film inside the furnace and the pressure loss inside the furnace. Gas thermal oil boilers furnace tube flat soaking strength refers to the furnace tube heat absorption divided by the surface area of the furnace tube. If the average heat intensity is quite high, the oil film temperature on the inner wall of the furnace tube will rise, and the heat conduction oil will produce thermal decomposition, thus coking will appear on the inner wall of the tube. Therefore, for the radiation chamber of thermal oil furnace, according to the combustion of the flame, the specification and quantity of the furnace tube, the effective heat absorbed by the radiation section 3, and the heat loss structure and size of the flue gas discharge, the flow rate and flow of thermal oil can be determined by empirical data.

This series of boiler products provide users with stable high temperature heat source, the company’s products have 10% design allowance. The boiler system has high efficiency, low energy consumption and economic design, so that the overall thermal efficiency of the thermal oil furnace is more than 95%. The furnace structure with no damage to the heat carrier can greatly prolong the service life of the heat medium. The boiler adopts advanced automatic control means, which can control the outlet temperature of the heat conduction oil main at 1℃. Gas fired thermal oil boiler has perfect safety detection device to prevent dangerous operation state of heat conduction oil furnace. The whole system is easy to maintain and check each equipment.


Gas fired thermal oil boiler

Gas fired thermal oil boiler


The use of gas thermal oil boilers can save energy, low operating cost, high thermal efficiency and good economy. The series of boilers have the function of preventing dry burning, and can be designed to add hot oil cooling system according to the requirements of users, so as to meet the production process requirements of rapid cooling after heating up. At the same time, the equipment does not need water treatment equipment and no steam boiler running, risking, dropping, leakage and other heat loss, heat utilization rate is very high, compared with steam boiler, energy saving about 50%. Zozen Boilers specializes in the production of various types of boiler products, welcome customers to come to my factory consulting procurement!

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