Industrial Boilers in Sri Lanka

Generally speaking, industrial steam boilers are mainly used for power generation and gas supply. For example, the chemical fertilizer plant can use steam vaporization, coal as raw material, synthetic fertilizer, this is a typical industrial boiler. Industrial boilers for sale or coal accounted for the majority, gas is generally waste heat boiler for recovery waste heat. The most common boiler in this series is the circulating fluidized bed boiler. Which is an important thermal power equipment.


Industrial boilers for sale

Industrial boilers for sale


Industrial boiler are divided into hot water boilers and steam boilers according to their use. According to the product performance is divided into steel industrial boiler, condensing industrial boiler and vacuum boiler. At present, industrial boiler adopt clean fuel and clean combustion technology with high efficiency, energy saving and low pollution will be the trend of the development of industrial boilers. And the market of high-end and high value-added products will develop.

As we konw, Circulating fluidized bed combustion (CFB) technology has the characteristics of enhanced heat transfer, high combustion efficiency, wide fuel adaptability and low emission of pollutants, etc. And should be actively developed and applied in ≥ 10 T /h coal-fired industrial boilers. This type of boiler is a clean combustion technology with a very promising development prospect.

Industrial Boilers For Sale Introduction

Industrial boilers for sale oil-fired or gas-fired boilers can not only improve boiler thermal efficiency, but also significantly reduce pollutant emissions. With the increase of environmental protection efforts, coupled with the implementation of international natural gas resources and other projects. Most countries and regions began to promote the application of clean energy, a large number of gas boilers will be used. The market prospect is quite open.

We should know that low-pressure operation has a bad effect on the boiler’s work and economy. And overload operation is also bad for the boiler’s work. Is allowed in the design of boiler in certain overload ability, short-time overload operation is permitted. But in practice some boiler for heat load is bigger, and the boiler capacity is small. So blindly make the long-term overload operation of the boiler, the device itself is very bad. Will seriously affect the lifespan of the equipment.


Industrial boiler manufacturer

Industrial boiler manufacturer


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