Chemical Industry 30 Tons Gas Fired Steam Boiler

  • Case name: Chemical Industry 30 Tons Gas Fired Steam Boiler
  • Project boiler medium:Steam
  • Capacity:30 Tons
  • Equipment:SZS30-2.5-Q


Chemical Industry 30 Tons Gas Fired Steam Boiler

Chemical Industry 30 Tons Gas Fired Steam Boiler


Case Introduction

A chemical company mainly engaged in the production and sale of fossil fuels such as raw coal, coke, methanol and tar, among which the processing of tar and coke requires dehydration and distillation. In this production process, steam boilers provide the necessary heat energy. In order to improve its economic efficiency, the chemical company decided to use coke oven gas, a by-product of tar, as boiler fuel and entered into cooperation with ZOZEN Boiler on a 30 tons SZS gas-fired steam boiler.

ZOZEN SZS series condensing gas steam boilers can be adapted to different fuels according to the actual needs of customers, and Zhongzheng boilers can be configured accordingly. Zhongzheng’s gas steam boiler can not only use natural gas, coke oven gas, biogas, etc. as fuel, but also diesel oil, heavy oil, etc. The fuel is applicable to a wide range.

ZOZEN’s SZS series boilers adopt the D-type structure with double boilers, which optimizes the overall design. The combustion chamber adopts narrow pitch tube film water-cooled wall, which has good gas tightness, reduces heat loss, improves boiler thermal efficiency up to 98%, saves energy efficiently for enterprises and saves boiler operation cost. Moreover, Zhongzheng SZS series gas steam boiler can choose advanced low NOx burner to suppress NOx generation and reduce NOx to below 30mg/Nm3 to meet strict environmental protection requirements and realize green production of enterprises.

Customer Feedback

ZOZEN Boiler’s gas steam boiler adopts fully automatic control system, which is very easy to operate, effectively avoiding human operation errors and high safety performance. Zhongzheng SZS series gas steam boiler uses our by-product coke oven gas as fuel, which saves a lot of fuel cost, and recycling is more energy-saving and environmental protection, which achieves the enterprise production goal and the purpose of green production.

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