Gas Fired Steam Boiler 2 Tons For Ddrying Wood

As wood is a very widely used material in life, it is necessary to ensure that it does not shrink, swell and deform during future use. At the same time, its processing performance, use performance and durability can be improved, so it has to be dried. The equilibrium moisture content is about 10%-12% in the south, 89-10% in the north, and 6%-8% in the northwest. It must be dried thoroughly, and ensure that it does not warp, crack, and the drying stress is basically relieved. In the process of drying wood, a gas steam boiler 2 Tons is often required.


Gas steam boiler 2 Tons

Gas steam boiler 2 Tons


This gas fired boiler is a leader in the industry, and is a product developed by ZOZEN’S and German technology cooperation. All indicators have reached the world’s advanced level, and it is one of the implementation sub-projects of the World Bank’s GEF high-efficiency environmental protection boiler project. The gas boiler has extremely high steam quality, which is very suitable for the dry wood industry that has strict requirements on steam quality. The boiler is equipped with internationally imported burners, which is very powerful. This series of boiler products are wet-backed three-pass, fully corrugated furnace, threaded smoke tube structure, fully submerged arc automatic welding design, and wide fuel adaptability.

The combustion efficiency of gas-fired steam boiler is extremely high. When there is no condensing recovery device, the combustion efficiency can reach more than 95%. The gas steam boiler 2 Tons is extremely environmentally friendly, and the nitrogen oxide emissions are less than 35mg/m3. Under the premise of satisfying the back pressure of this series of boilers, the output power of the selected model is generally 1.2 times the output power, so as to avoid the model being too large. Gas burners must also consider the pressure and flow rate of the gas source. The pressure of the gas source is generally around 3.15Pa ~ 31.5Pa. The pressure before entering the combustion equipment can be adjusted to about 10.5Pa, and the flow rate should be greater than 1.2 times the maximum use flow rate. The flow rate selection must also consider the air source pressure. The lower the pressure, the flow rate (pipe diameter) must be increased. , Otherwise it cannot meet the requirements of product combustion.

The 2 ton gas boiler can be used for heating or heating. Its heating area is 12000-16000 square meters. The fuel can be gas or oil. This boiler has no pollution, easy installation, full combustion and convenient operation. In addition, the boiler has high output, high thermal efficiency, high degree of automation, safe and reliable operation, and it is a furnace type that is well received by users. The 2 ton gas boiler adopts the internationally popular shell-type three-pass, fully wet back structure, and the large-volume design of the combustion chamber makes the combustion more complete. The fuel is burned in the furnace under a slight positive pressure, and the high-temperature flue gas is turned 180° backwards along the furnace and enters the first flue tube bundle through the re-combustion chamber. It is discharged into the atmosphere after being heated.


2ton gas fired steam boiler

2ton gas fired steam boiler


The 2ton gas fired steam boiler is designed with symmetrical movable hinged front and rear smoke doors, which are easy to open, easy to repair and clean. The WNS series gas boiler adopts the advanced technology of pre-expansion, full welding, and then expansion. It not only prevents the tube gap corrosion, but also enhances the welding strength. Threaded smoke pipes with high heat transfer coefficient are used to strengthen the convective heat transfer effect, reduce the exhaust gas temperature, and improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler. This series of steam boilers are designed with various protection functions such as over-temperature, over-pressure, water shortage, leak detection, flameout, etc., and the boiler runs safely and reliably.

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