Professional Biomass Steam Boiler Manufacturing

Water cooling walls are arranged on both sides of the biomass steam boiler to form the furnace chamber and convection flue. Biomass steam boiler manufacturing, in the furnace chamber using water – cooled casting of the front arch, the rear arch. The front arch is in echelon form and the back arch is in herringbone shape, which is conducive to the combustion of biomass fuel. Mechanical combustion is realized by chain grate. Mechanical ventilation with an induced draft fan, and a slag discharge machine to achieve mechanical slag discharge, complete control monitoring instruments.

There are many kinds of biomass fuels, such as rice husk, palm husk, bagasse, sawdust, coconut husk and firewood to provide heat energy for boiler operation. Biomass fired boiler is widely used in textile and clothing, printing and dyeing, food, chemical and other industries such as ironing, drying, heat treatment and hotels, schools, hotels and enterprises and institutions.


Biomass steam boiler manufacturing

Biomass steam boiler manufacturing


Biomass Steam Boiler Manufacturing Feature

  1. Biomass steam boiler is a quick installation three-way boiler with large heating surface and high thermal efficiency;
  2. Compact structure, reasonable design of water circulation, fast start-up;
  3. Adopting the chain grate, the energy saving effect is good, and the installation and maintenance workload of the grate is reduced;
  4. Reasonable exhaust air distribution is conducive to fuel burnout and improve boiler efficiency;
  5. Reasonable air distribution, increase the effective area of the grate, and improve the degree of burnout of fuel;
  6. The steam quality of this series of industrial boilers is high, and the steam drying degree is above 96;
  7. The boiler is equipped with multiple interlocking safety protection control such as pressure, temperature and water level;
  8. Biomass boiler control system automatic, high degree of mechanization, simple operation, convenient;
  9. The whole fast installation factory, easy installation;
  10. Reasonable price, safe and stable operation.

Because biomass fuel belongs to renewable and clean fuel. The development of biomass can replace oil, coal and other traditional energy sources, reduce fossil fuel consumption, emission reduction CO. It can not only protect the environment, but also promote the sustainable development of agriculture and forestry, which greatly reduces the production cost and has good ecological and social benefits.


Biomass fired steam boiler price

Biomass fired steam boiler price


Biomass steam boiler manufacturing combines industrial automation control technology, Internet technology, computer software and artificial intelligence technology. To establish the industrial boiler Internet of Things platform, which can realize remote man-machine interaction and data sharing. The radiant heat exchange surface and convective heat exchange surface of the furnace adopt special anti-wear structure to extend the service time and life of the boiler. Zozen Boilers can be customized according to customer requirements for boiler service, product testing means complete, rich production experience, welcome everyone to come to advisory procurement.


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