Gas Industrial Hot Water Boilers For Sale

Gas hot water boiler belongs to atmospheric pressure boiler, because the hot water boiler is always full of water, so there is no water level gauge, but it must be equipped with a thermometer. The circulating pump of industrial hot water boilers heating system generally chooses hot water circulating pump. It is to pump the water in the boiler to the system, hot water boiler can supply low temperature water, and can supply high temperature hot water.


Industrial hot water boilers

Industrial hot water boilers


The series of gas fired boilers are widely used in residential area heating, office building heating, commercial place heating, hotel hotel heating, factory heating and hotel hotel sanitary hot water, commercial place sanitary hot water, swimming pool sanitary hot water, factory process hot water. The design, manufacturing, supervision and inspection of gas fired hot water boilers are made in strict accordance with specifications and standards to ensure the long-term safe and stable work of boilers.

Industrial hot water boilers body for the shell type all wet back downflow three return pyrotechnic tube structure, the flame in the large combustion chamber micro positive pressure combustion. Low combustion heat load, less emissions of harmful substances NOx. The series of hot water boilers have been tested and verified by the advanced test bed of the whole machine for many times, so that the boilers can get good thermal performance, qualified flue gas emission index and a wide range of burner adaption under various loads.

The smoke boxes before and after industrial gas hot water boilers are made of special heat preservation and insulation materials, which have the advantages of high temperature resistance, low thermal conductivity and good ability to resist rapid cooling and thermal energy, greatly prolongs the service life of the smoke boxes. The lower part of the smoke box is provided with condensate water outlet to reduce the corrosion of the condensate water to the pressure parts. The boiler device and each pipe orifice layout is reasonable, optimize the water circulation in the boiler, effectively prevent scale generation, but also to improve the water side heat transfer effect. Set hand holes and inspection holes in weak links with poor circulation to facilitate regular inspection and maintenance.


Gas fired hot water boilers price

Gas fired hot water boilers price


Industrial hot water boilers compared with the dry-back boiler, the wet-back structure greatly reduces the temperature of the aftersmoke box. The solves the problem of frequent maintenance during the operation of the aftersmoke box. Gas hot water boiler design of large volume of water, furnace body is not sensitive to the fluctuation of load, load variation range is still applicable to users. Zozen Boilers specialize in producing various types of boiler products. The appearance of the gas boiler has been carefully designed by industrial design designers, which is novel and unique without losing the harmony with the surrounding environment. Welcome users to come to my factory to consult procurement.

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