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The whole gas-fired hot water boiler adopts the whole wet back structure, the overall structure is arranged compact, beautiful and generous, and the thermal efficiency is high. The high quality gas boilers operates under micro-positive pressure, which can effectively improve the combustion speed of the boiler and make the volume of the same capacity boiler smaller. At the same time can effectively eliminate the boiler flue air leakage, improve the boiler thermal efficiency. The boiler is equipped with integrated finned tube type energy saver, which is compact in structure and easy to maintain. It can also reduce the exhaust temperature and improve the boiler thermal efficiency.


High quality gas boilers

High quality gas boilers


This series of gas-fired boilers adopt advanced design technology, which can calculate the structure and size of the furnace body in detail, effectively control the flow velocity and resistance of flue gas, reasonably make full use of the heat exchange between flame and flue gas, and improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler. The corrugated furnace structure not only increases the heating area but also increases the disturbance of the flue gas, and the threaded flue gas technology increases the convection heating surface. This series of hot water boiler adopts low combustor design to retain a large safe space of water level and reduce the harm of water shortage accident.

The high quality gas boilers adopts reasonable structure design and excellent fire-resistant insulation material, which can greatly reduce the external temperature of the furnace body, reduce heat loss and improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler. Adopt new design, reduce the emission of harmful substances when fuel combustion, meet the environmental protection standard. In particular, reduce nox emissions to meet the required low nitrogen emission standards. Adopt high quality burner, adapt to various application scenarios, ensure quality and safety.

The gas-fired hot water boiler adopts PLC and other automatic controllers as the control core, and also adopts high-quality peripheral components to realize high-quality automatic control system. Various parameters such as inlet and outlet temperature and pressure can be collected in real time and displayed centrally in the control cabinet. Through PD and other closed-loop control systems, the stable operation of the boiler can be guaranteed. It can also monitor the working range of data under various parameters set by users, and remind or alarm all kinds of anomalies for the convenience of users to use and maintain. The control module also has the powerful expansion ability, according to the customer needs, can conveniently realize group control, remote control and other deep applications.

The design, manufacture, supervision and inspection of this series of hot water boilers are carried out in strict accordance with the relevant requirements. As the hot water boiler is always full of water, there is no water gauge, but pressure gauge, safety valve and thermometer must be installed. It is worth noting that the hot water boiler heating system of the circulating water pump is generally selected clean water pump, it is pumping system engineering backwater to the boiler, not only to overcome the circulating resistance of the system, but also to maintain the boiler has a certain pressure, to ensure that the hot water does not vaporize at high temperature. It is widely used in central heating, domestic hot water system and industrial hot water system.


Gas fired hot water boiler supply

Gas fired hot water boiler supply


High quality gas boilers adopts optimized flue gas system and forced water circulation system. The unique front and rear smoke box design reduces the flue gas resistance and ensures the uniform heating everywhere. The safety explosion-proof door and the mechanical overpressure alarm stop device are set to ensure the safe operation of the boiler. Zozen Boilers is a company specializing in the production of boiler products manufacturers, over the years committed to improve the boiler solution for the user. We can also be customized according to the needs of users one – to – one boiler service, welcome to consult the procurement.

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