Quotation For Coal Fired Boiler With 10 ton/h Capacity

Coal-fired steam boiler is suitable for hot spring bathing, sauna steam room, printing and dyeing textile, factory office school, medical and pharmaceutical, hotel catering, food processing, chemical plant, socks factory heat setting, clothing processing, industrial steam washing, heating and drying of farms, etc. industry. Welcome to consult Zozen Boilers! The coal fired boiler capacity can produce 2-20t/h, the boiler water capacity is small, and the steam production is fast.


Coal fired boiler capacity

Coal fired boiler capacity


DZL series boiler can meet the needs of users located in the upper part of the boiler large capacity annular steam chamber and boiler water separation measures to ensure that high quality steam at any time. The series boiler is equipped with extremely low water level protection device to detect the water level change in the furnace body at any time to avoid dry burning and safety accidents. DZL series boiler is equipped with high quality safety valve, stop valve, liquid level electrode, pressure gauge and pressure controller and other safety accessories, to ensure the reliable operation of the boiler is equipped with high quality water level meter, boiler water level is clear and identifiable.

The coal fired boiler capacity has a large, a compact and beautiful structure, a small footprint, an elegant shape, and a bright color. The tail flue of this series of boilers product can be equipped with a condensing heat exchanger to realize waste heat recovery and improve boiler efficiency. A specially designed spoiler is built into the smoke tube to strengthen convection heat transfer and improve thermal efficiency. Optional high-performance PLC and 7″ touch screen control system, strong anti-interference ability, convenient maintenance, safe and reliable work, to ensure the long-term stable operation of the boiler in harsh environments.

The 10 ton/h coal-fired boiler adopts the three-return water-fire tube structure with single drum longitudinal arrangement. Both sides of boiler furnace are densely covered with light pipe and water wall pipe, the design structure is reasonable and compact. Coal-fired boilers have large heating area, long flue gas flow, good heat transfer effect and low exhaust temperature, so they have high thermal efficiency, low operation cost and more economical use. This type of boiler has scientific and reasonable design, fast heating, large space for soft water and good steam quality. The steam boiler water supply is completed by the boiler water pump, softening water by the water supply pipe economizer, and then into the drum, and then by the down pipe into the left and right box. The water wall on both sides is thermally vaporized to produce steam, which enters the soda water separator in the drum and enters the process requiring heat through the main steam valve after separation.


DZL series boiler

DZL series boiler


The coal fired boiler capacity has a large, and the boiler performance, weight, and structural dimensions are reasonably designed. The coal-fired steam boiler adopts overall insulation to reduce heat loss and improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler. The boiler has a compact overall structure, small volume, no need to erect a tall chimney, easy installation, extremely low failure rate, and no noise. The DZL type boiler is equipped with a microcomputer control system, which has the ability of temperature setting, cycle control and fault alarm. It is easy to use and operate. Zozen Boilers specializes in the production of various types of boiler products, and has been committed to producing high-quality boilers for many years. The products are exported to more than 100 countries and regions in the world. Welcome everyone to consult and purchase!

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