Rice Husk Steam Boilers Export Israel

The rice husk steam boilers is arranged in a double pot tube longitudinal layout. The chain grate is used for combustion and the fuel is formed solid fuel. The membrane water wall structure is adopted in both sides of furnace chamber. High combustion efficiency, wide application, service life plant.

The water wall tube of the front and rear wall of the biomass fired boiler extends downwards to the upper part of the furnace to form the front and rear arch, which not only increases the sealing performance of the boiler, but also increases the furnace volume and heating surface, and also strengthens the strength of the rear arch.


Rice husk steam boilers

Rice husk steam boilers


Rice husk steam boilers is widely used in hot spring bath, sauna room, printing and dyeing room, factory office school, medical pharmacy, hotel catering, food processing, chemical plant, sock factory heat setting, clothing processing, industrial steam washing, heating and drying farm.

When the series of industrial boiler burning fuel from coal scuttle, fall to grate on as, after entering the chamber of a stove or furnace combustion flue gas in convection bank area through the smoke baffle wall, after using the inertial effect in the flue gas dust separation after falling into a hopper that falls below the setting of automatic, with the grate operation with coal cinder fall into slag, in let out of furnace slag machine.

This series of steam boiler has superior environmental protection characteristics, and the discharge meets the market standard. Uniform heat transfer in furnace, high heat recovery efficiency, stable operation. Based on the characteristics of the boiler combustion, people have turned their attention to using rice husk combustion technology to utilize biomass energy. Rice husk is a light, greyish fuel with a high ash melting point, medium calorific value and uniform natural grain size. It mainly adopts horizontal chain grate and adopts the way of burning rice husk for comprehensive utilization of heat energy.

The boiler uses rice husk fuel, and the ignition combustion temperature is about 300-400℃. High volatile content, volatile analysis and rapid ignition. The combustion is mainly concentrated in the volatile gas phase combustion, and the ash composition is mainly based on silicon dioxide. The content of silicon dioxide in the ash can reach more than 90%, with high thermal efficiency utilization, environmental protection and energy saving.

Rice husk steam boilers flue gas emission after rice husk combustion is enough to meet the environmental protection standard, save energy and reduce environmental pollution. It can also prolong the service life of boiler equipment, increase steam production and reduce combustion cost. And the ash residue after rice husk combustion can also be used comprehensively.


Rice husk fired steam boiler for sale

Rice husk fired steam boiler for sale


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