SZL Series Coal Fired Steam Boiler Sales

SZL series coal fired steam boiler is a horizontal double-pot tube water-tube boiler with longitudinal arrangement. Both sides of the furnace are equipped with water cooling walls of dense exhaust pipe and two groups of convective tube bundles are arranged at the rear. Coal fired boiler sales, the whole boiler is divided into two large factory, the site is in place that masonry lower furnace arch and furnace wall. Chain grate with mechanical balanced ventilation combustion. Stoker’s labor intensity is small.

SZL series boilers adopt unique pyrolytic gasification and turbulent mixed combustion technology in the furnace structure design, so that the boiler has no black smoke emission. Centrifugal separation, gravity separation in the furnace, plus separation dust in the flue, so that the boiler smoke emissions are small. Divided upper and lower two body assembly, investment saving, fast installation. Single layer layout, small space. Whole water pipe structure, fast heat transfer, high thermal efficiency.


Coal fired boiler sales

Coal fired boiler sales


Coal fired boiler sales adopt chain grate, sectional air supply, large furnace arch cover, fast combustion speed, wide adaptability of fuel. The furnace arch is designed by the momentum method, and the flue gas in the furnace forms a strong turbulent mixing in the high temperature area, which makes the period combustion full and the combustion efficiency up to over 85%. The emission of soot is much lower than the prescribed standards, which can meet the environmental protection requirements of Class I areas. Stepless variable speed control, flexible combustion regulation. Appearance beautiful and easy, style.

This series of industrial boilers adopt the structure of double boiler tube full water pipe, the structure is mature; Convenient inspection and maintenance, short maintenance time. Mechanization, high degree of automation. The furnace arch structure is changed according to the fuel characteristics to make it reach the best condition. Infrastructure investment less, low installation cost, short installation cycle and other basic characteristics. The membrane water-cooling wall structure is adopted on both sides of the furnace chamber and the convection tube bundle, which can effectively reduce the temperature of the outer wall of the furnace wall and reduce the heat loss. It can also increase the Angle coefficient of the furnace heating surface and strengthen the heat transfer, so as to ensure the boiler output and control the metal consumption reasonably.

The front and rear water-cooled arch structure is adopted for the coal-fired boiler, and the front and rear water-cooled wall pipes of the furnace extend downward to the upper part of the grate to form the front and rear arches, which not only solves the problem that the brick arch is prone to collapse, but also strengthens the strength of the arch and increases the heating surface of the boiler. Both sides of boiler furnace and combustion chamber are made of light heat preservation materials, which not only strengthen the heat preservation and heat insulation performance of furnace wall, but also reduce the total weight of boiler, solve the lifting problem of large-scale assembly chain boiler, and save the transportation cost. The problem of ignition of inferior coal is solved through the reasonable coordination of front and rear arch and the arrangement of loose coal device, and the adaptability of coal type of chain grate boiler is expanded.


SZL series coal fired steam boilers

SZL series coal fired steam boilers


Zozen Boilers manufacturing to adopt advanced technology of chain grate boiler coal, reduce the emissions of pollutants, to improve the quality of atmospheric environment, alleviate the global greenhouse effect has a significant role. SZL series boilers have strong adaptability, high thermal efficiency, energy saving and consumption reduction, and conform to the energy policy. Coal fired boiler sales with uniform exhaust air distribution and no air flowing between the air chamber can control the excess air coefficient required for combustion below 1.2, reduce the generation of CO2 and NOx, improve the combustion effect of chain grate boiler, improve the combustion efficiency of boiler, and reduce the smoke and dust emission of boiler.

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