SZS Series Gas Steam Boiler Manufacturer

SZS series gas fired steam boiler is a kind of water tube steam boiler with longitudinal layout double drum cylinder and micro positive pressure combustion. The gas steam boiler supply with D-type furnace structure and auxiliary heating surface such as energy saver is arranged in the tail. The outlet medium is sub-medium pressure, superheated steam, which can meet the heating needs of both industrial and power stations.


SZS Series Gas Steam Boiler Manufacturer

Paddy Rice Steam Boiler


The series of gas fired boiler burners are arranged on the front wall, and the convection tube bundles are arranged side by side with the furnace chamber. The flue gas generated during combustion flows through the rear of the furnace successively through the superheater, convective tube bundle, and the heating surface in the rear end, and is finally discharged into the atmosphere through the chimney. SZS series steam boiler is equipped with a dense drainage wall pipe on both sides of the furnace wall on the right side, and a two-return convection tube bundle on the left side of the boiler. And the superheater is arranged in the furnace exit turning area. The boiler thermal efficiency and combustion condition are improved effectively. Energy saving devices are arranged in the tail, which can save energy to the maximum extent. The superheater adopts countercurrent arrangement to prevent the superheater tube wall from overtemperature and ensure the safety and reliability of operation.

The gas steam boiler supply has compact structure, small floor space and good flame filling. The membrane wall structure is adopted for the water cooling wall and convection flue in the furnace chamber, which has good sealing and effectively reduces the use and maintenance workload of firebrick. The outer packing adopts color steel plate with beautiful appearance and beautiful appearance. Adopt automatic combustion machine, combustion efficiency is high and has ignition program control and overpressure, flameout protection device. Fast installation structure can effectively shorten the installation cycle.

The water circulation of the gas steam boiler adopts natural circulation loop. The water circulation resistance is small, and the water circulation conditions such as stagnation, backflow and free liquid level will not deteriorate, effectively preventing the occurrence of pipe explosion accidents. In order to ensure the safety of boiler ignition, the boiler roof is designed with explosion-proof door. The manhole in the furnace makes the boiler safe, reliable and easy to maintain.


SZS Series Gas Steam Boiler Manufacturer

Rice Mill Paddy Rice Steam Boiler


Zozen Boilers have boiler industry’s most outstanding ability of automatic control technology. Adopt automatic proportional combustion regulation, automatic water supply regulation system, program start and stop, automatic operation and other advanced technologies. And with high and low water alarm and extremely low water level, ultra-high steam pressure, flameout, gas leakage and other automatic protection functions, to ensure the safe and stable operation of boiler equipment.

Our plant gas steam boiler supply stable and reliable operation, rich production experience, strong technical force. Have a variety of advanced production equipment and perfect testing equipment. It has effectively realized the automatic production of blanking digitization, welding automation, assembly mould and so on, which provides a strong guarantee for the manufacture of high quality boiler products.

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