SZS Gas Steam Boiler Flue Gas Flow

SZS gas boiler body high temperature zone adopts forced circulation to ensure that all parts of the heating surface can be reliable cooling and prevent vaporization. Gas fired steam boiler is arranged with explosion-proof door and flame detector, safe and reliable operation. The sealing between the membrane wall and the drum on both sides of the boiler adopts the comb plate, which eliminates the problem of condensate water and gas leakage caused by the sealing with refractory concrete. Before leaving the factory, the gas tightness is checked to ensure no slight leakage of gas.


Gas fired steam boiler

Gas fired steam boiler


SZS series steam boiler flue gas flow is mainly the flue gas generated by combustion in the furnace from the flue gas outlet at the end of the furnace into the combustion chamber, convection tube bundle area. It then turns from the front left side of the boiler into the spiral finned tube energy saver and condenser, and finally into the flue and out of the chimney. The boiler body is composed of upper and lower boiler cylinder, membrane type water cooling wall, convection tube bundle, energy saver and condenser. The burner is arranged in the front wall. After the fuel is burned in the furnace, the flue gas enters the chimney through the convection tube bundle, energy saver and condenser.

Gas fired steam boiler adopts two leading technologies of low nitrogen combustion field in the world: graded combustion and FGR flue gas recirculation. The emission of NOX can be reduced to 26 mg/m3, which is 1/6 of the existing universal standard. It not only fully meets the current most stringent low nitrogen emission standard (30 mg/m3), but also reaches the advanced level of low nitrogen emission combustion technology. This series of boiler products with high safety, up to 98% thermal efficiency, and equipped with intelligent boiler Internet of Things system, the furnace type not only achieve ultra-low nitrogen emissions, but also greatly save energy, has become the customer’s priority.

The series of steam boilers have larger furnaces with low emission burners with Nox as low as 30mg/Nm3. Internal insulation measures are adopted in flue and boiler flue gas outlet to effectively reduce the noise of boiler operation. The combustor adopts full film type water wall structure, adopts micro positive pressure combustion, no smoke problem, no pollution in operation environment. SZS gas-fired boiler adopts high quality aluminum silicate fiber and refractory mud for insulation. The furnace temperature is controlled below 45℃ to effectively control heat loss.


SZS gas boiler

SZS gas boiler


This series of gas fired boiler combustor adopts narrow spacing tube film type water wall, has good air tightness, reduce heat loss, improve the function of boiler thermal efficiency. The observation hole interior uses the molding high aluminum refractory material and the manhole cover sealing device, changes the use of firebrick masonry and causes this part to overheat. The front and back walls of the gas fired steam boiler are all membrane structure, which greatly improves the service life of the front and back walls. Ensure the service life of more than 20 years. Manholes are arranged before and after the upper and lower boiler drum, and inspection doors are arranged at the back of the boiler, which are easy to open and facilitate the maintenance and cleaning of the inside and outside of the user. Zozen Boilers produce boiler products vertical and girth welding using advanced submerged arc automatic welding process, to ensure welding quality, all vertical and girth welds are 100% ray detection. Welcome customers to consult and purchase!

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