YLW Series Coal Fired Thermal Oil Boiler In Vietnam

Zozen Boilers is a high quality boiler manufacturer, our boiler products are sold in many countries and regions. Is a reliable professional boiler manufacturer. In this year, we have established friendly relations of cooperation with our customers Vietnam visiting. The customer from Vietnam has purchased two boilers from our factory. Among them including YLW series coal fired thermal oil boiler and SZL series coal fired steam boiler.


Coal fired thermal oil boiler

Coal fired thermal oil boiler


The thermal oil furnace of coal burning mainly uses a circulating oil pump to force liquid circulation to transfer the heat energy to the thermal equipment and then return to the reheated special industrial furnace of direct flow. Coal fired thermal oil furnace used in petroleum chemical industry, textile printing and dyeing industry, plastics and rubber industry, as papermaking industry, oil industry, synthetic fiber industry, wood industry of man-made board, fiberboard hot-pressing forming, building materials industry of mineral wool board processing, plasterboard drying, asphalt heating, candy processing, glazed date processing, food industry, oil and beverage drying, paint below 350 degrees Celsius heat supply, etc.

Coal Fired Thermal Oil Boiler Characteristics

  1. Can obtain higher working temperature under lower operating pressure;
  2. Stable heating and accurate temperature can be obtained;
  3. Thermal efficiency is maintained at optimal levels under all levels of load;
  4. Heat is transported by liquid phase, and the pressure of the heat carrier is 70 times lower than that of the saturated steam of water at 300℃;
  5. Equipped with complete operation control and safety monitoring devices;
  6. Save electricity, fuel, water and consumption, and recover investment in 3 to 6 months.


Thermal oil boiler price

Thermal oil boiler price


Zozen Boilers possess A-grade boilers, BRII.grade pressure containers and ASME “S”, “U” manufacturing license. And through the ISO9001:2000 international quality system certification. Coal fired thermal oil boiler stable and reliable operation, high quality, reasonable price, beautiful and generous appearance, if you need to purchase, welcome to contact us. We are specialized in producing all kinds of high quality industrial boilers, which have been praised and trusted by customers. According to the drawings provided by customers, we can also carry out one-to-one customization service. Welcome to consult and purchase.


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