15 Tons Gas Hot Water Boiler Price

The combustion chamber of gas-fired hot water boiler adopts corrugated furnace and low position arrangement, which effectively increases the heat exchange area and enhances the turbulent heat transfer of high-temperature flue gas. At the same time, it can reduce the service life of equipment caused by thermal expansion and cold contraction. The smoke tubes of the three-return structure of the 15tons hot water boilers are arranged symmetrically to ensure the best heat exchange area and heat transfer efficiency. The boiler adopts full wet arrangement to ensure the safe operation of boiler equipment and reduce the loss caused by maintenance.


15tons hot water boilers

15tons hot water boilers


Hot water boiler control adopts full automatic operation, computer program control combustion automatic adjustment. Hot water boiler has the function of overtemperature, overpressure and ultra-low pressure alarm protection to ensure the safe operation of boiler combustion. This series of gas fired boiler has high combustion efficiency, soot emission meets the requirements of environmental protection, no matter all kinds of industrial and mining, hotels, hospitals, enterprises or shipping industry, our products will meet your needs.

This series boiler belongs to atmospheric pressure boiler, because the hot water boiler is always in the state of full water, so there is no water level meter, but must be equipped with a thermometer. 15tons hot water boilers heating system circulation pump is generally selected hot water circulation pump. It is the water delivery system in the pumping boiler. The hot water boiler can supply both low temperature water and high temperature hot water. This series of boiler products are used for heating in residential district, office building, commercial place, hotel and guesthouse, factory and sanitary hot water in hotel and guesthouse, sanitary hot water in commercial place, sanitary hot water in swimming pool, factory process hot water.

WNS series hot water boiler body for shell type full wet back downstream three return pyrotechnics tube structure, flame in the large combustion chamber micro positive pressure combustion, combustion heat load is low, harmful substances NOx emissions. The whole machine test bench has been tested and verified for many times, so that the gas hot water boiler can get good thermal performance, qualified flue gas emission index and a wider range of burner adaptation under various loads. Boiler boiler device and the pipe layout is reasonable, optimize the boiler water circulation, effectively prevent scale, but also conducive to improve the water side heat exchange effect. Set hand holes and check holes in weak links with poor circulation for regular inspection and maintenance.


WNS series hot water boiler

WNS series hot water boiler


15tons hot water boilers with large water volume design, furnace body is not sensitive to load fluctuation, load range is still suitable for users. Compared with the dry-back boiler, the wet-back boiler greatly reduces the temperature of the rear smokebox and solves the phenomenon of frequent maintenance in the operation of the rear smokebox. WNS series hot water boiler front and rear smoke box adopts heat insulation material, low thermal conductivity, good resistance to cold and heat energy, greatly prolongs the service life of smoke box. The lower part of the smoke box is provided with condensed water discharge port to reduce the corrosion of condensed water on the compressed parts.

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