Industrial Gas Hot Water Boiler Supply

Gas hot water boiler can satisfy both heating and hot water supply separately. If the heat exchanger is added to the pipeline system, the boiler can meet the two requirements of heating and bathing at the same time. Industrial hot water boilers have the characteristics of environmental protection, energy saving, safety, automatic operation, and are very convenient to use. In addition, because of the economic operation, gas hot water boiler is more and more popular.


Industrial hot water boilers

Industrial hot water boilers


The boiler is usually of shell type with three return and full wet back structure. All the pressure elements of this series of hot water boilers are symmetrical with the center of the drum. The boiler adopts a full wet back structure, with a large inner cylinder and a skewed fire box structure, which is conducive to expanding enough radiation heating surface. The convection heating surface is composed of two return and three return tube bundles. The front tubeplate of the backcombustion chamber is connected with the furnace, and the rear tubeplate of the backcombustion chamber is connected with the ellipsoidal head and tubeplate.

The second return and the third return turning smoke chamber of the series of boiler products constitute the front smoke box, and the smoke temperature is lower than 500℃. Therefore, the structure of the front smoke box adopts light structure of refractory insulation material. The flue gas outlet of the rear smoke box is arranged along the longitudinal axis of the cylinder, which can not only shorten the length of the furnace, but also avoid the chimney being placed in the direction perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the cylinder. Condensate water corrodes the boiler body when the boiler starts and stops. The design of industrial hot water boilers mainly considers the principle of boiler maintenance and stability. The mixing device is set in the backwater inlet of the boiler. The backwater first scour the tube bundle of the smoke pipe and then touches the furnace chamber, which improves the water temperature of the backwater contacting the furnace chamber. The phenomenon of local supercooled boiling is avoided.

After the gas fired hot water boiler is connected to the power supply, the control system begins to detect the water level and shell temperature of the boiler, and the detection is normal. Boiler to start the burner, heating was carried out on the water, when the water temperature reaches set temperature, the burner to stop heating, water temperature and boiler temperature has reached the open pump (pump temperature can be set freely), boiler start-up hot water circulating pump, hot water circulation in the heating pipeline system, through the radiator (such as radiator, fan coil water heating, air conditioning air conditioning unit, etc.) the cooling heating purposes.


Gas fired hot water boiler

Gas fired hot water boiler


Industrial hot water boilers main feature is the back-combustion chamber, which realizes the “fire-in-water” structure. The problem of overheating of the smoke box is fundamentally solved. An explosion-proof door is arranged at the rear of the back-combustion chamber, which doubles as an inspection hole, through which the furnace can be inspected. The total heating area of the hot water boiler is sufficient to fully absorb the effective heat, the exhaust gas temperature is low, the heat loss is small, the output is sufficient, and the efficiency is high. The diameter of the shell is large, the water capacity is large, the ability to adapt to load changes is strong, and the output is stable. For more boiler information, please consult Zozen Boilers!

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