Unleashing the Power of Water Tube Type Boiler


Water tube type boilers are widely used in industrial settings due to their efficiency, reliability, and versatility. ZOZEN, a leading manufacturer in the industry, offers a range of water tube type boilers designed to meet various industrial requirements. This article provides an overview of ZOZEN’s water tube type boilers, highlighting the key features and advantages they offer.

ZOZEN’s Water Tube Type Boilers

ZOZEN’s water tube type boilers encompass several series, each catering to different fuel types and capacities. These series include SZS, SZL, DZL Tri-drum, and DHL boilers.

SZS Series:
The SZS series is a water tube type boiler designed for oil and gas combustion. With a thermal capacity ranging from 2 to 110 t/h and a working pressure of 1.25-5.3 MPa, it features a membrane water-cooled wall and a large furnace design, enhancing heat transfer efficiency.

SZL Series:
The SZL series water tube type boiler is designed for coal and biomass combustion. It adopts a horizontal dual-drum and horizontal layout structure, with a densely arranged water-cooled wall tube structure in the furnace, providing a large radiation area. The thermal capacity ranges from 6 to 35 t/h, with a working pressure of 1-2.5 MPa.

ZOZEN Water Tube Type Boiler

ZOZEN SZL Series Biomass Fired Water Tube Type Boiler

DZL Tri-drum Series:
The DZL Tri-drum series is a third-generation water tube type boiler developed by ZOZEN with independent intellectual property rights. It is designed for biomass combustion and features an ash blowing device at the rear convection heating surface. The boiler body has ash blowing pipe holes at the top, allowing ash cleaning without the need to shut down the boiler. The thermal capacity ranges from 15 to 40 t/h, with a working pressure of 1.25-2.5 MPa.

DHL Series:
The DHL series is a water tube type boiler designed for coal and biomass combustion. It can be customized with feeding systems, slagging systems, and tail gas treatment systems. The thermal capacity ranges from 20 to 75 t/h, with a working pressure of 1.25-5.4 MPa.

Energy Efficiency and Utilization

ZOZEN’s water tube type boilers excel in energy utilization and efficiency. These products incorporate advanced combustion technology and energy-saving control systems, ensuring high-efficiency energy utilization in industrial applications. By optimizing fuel consumption and reducing waste, ZOZEN boilers contribute to cost savings and environmental sustainability.

Safety and Reliability

ZOZEN prioritizes safety and reliability in the design and manufacturing of their water tube type boilers. The products are crafted using high-quality materials and adhere to stringent manufacturing standards. ZOZEN holds an A-level boiler manufacturing license, D1D2 pressure vessel manufacturing license, and certifications such as the “S” (Power Boilers) and “U” (Pressure Vessels) stamps from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). Moreover, they have obtained ISO9001:2015 international quality management system certification, demonstrating their commitment to safety.

Customer Support and After-sales Service

ZOZEN takes pride in its professional customer support and after-sales service. The ZOZEN team provides comprehensive support throughout the entire process, from initial consultation to installation and operation. They possess the expertise to troubleshoot and address any concerns promptly, ensuring customer satisfaction and smooth operations.


ZOZEN’s water tube type boilers, including the SZS, SZL, DZL Tri-drum, and DHL series, offer efficient and reliable solutions for industrial applications. Their advanced combustion technology, energy-saving control systems, and commitment to safety make them a preferred choice in the industry. With a focus on customer support and after-sales service, ZOZEN ensures a seamless experience for its clients. Whether it’s enhancing energy efficiency, ensuring safety, or providing reliable performance, ZOZEN’s water tube type boiler delivers exceptional results in industrial settings.

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