WNS2-2.5-Q Natural Gas Steam Boiler Manufacturer

The high-efficiency boiler liner structure of the natural gas steam boiler adopts the international advanced three-return structure. WNS2-2.5-Q steam boiler flue gas and finned tubes are fully flushed for heat exchange, and the thermal efficiency is over 98%. Designing the steam boiler and the burner as a whole, this kind of tailor-made design according to the characteristics of the boiler is the consistent tradition of our factory, which makes the combustion system of the boiler achieve the best ratio, which is an organic combination of energy saving and environmental protection technology.


WNS2-2.5-Q steam boiler

WNS2-2.5-Q steam boiler


The natural gas steam boiler adopts advanced automatic control function. The boiler operating system is fully automatic control, and all the operating states can be clearly seen on the LCD screen. You can observe the working status of the burner, the boiler water level status, the current temperature, the running status of the feed water pump, the fault alarm status, etc. on the display screen, so that you can grasp the running status of the boiler at any time and use it more assuredly. WNS series steam boilers can be controlled by one key, and can enter the fully automatic operation state with just one touch. All safety protection devices start to work, and no special person is required to be on duty, which makes the operator feel more at ease and worry-free.

WNS2-2.5-Q steam boiler uses safe and scientific structural design. Equipped with multiple interlocking protection devices such as safety valve, pressure controller, water level control protector, etc., it is safe and reliable to use. The natural gas boiler adopts a fin type water tube furnace structure, which can effectively compensate for thermal expansion. It prevents the generation of thermal expansion and contraction stress, makes the boiler structure safe and reliable, and prolongs the service life.

This series of boiler products adopts the unique design of high-quality and fast steam. You can get steam in a short time, and the built-in steam-water separation device ensures high-quality steam with high dryness. The flame of WNS series boiler burns in a large combustion chamber with slight positive pressure, which can be fully expanded, with low combustion heat load and extremely high safety factor.


Natural gas steam boiler

Natural gas steam boiler


The natural gas steam boiler adopts the integrated solution of waste heat utilization, which can reduce the exhaust gas temperature to below 95℃. The thermal efficiency is as high as 98%, which maximizes the efficiency of the boiler. At the same time, the emission of NOx, COx, SOx and other harmful substances is greatly reduced, which is an efficient and environmentally friendly solution for industrial boilers. WNS2-2.5-Q steam boiler adopts the design of rear view device, which is easy to observe the combustion status. WNS series boiler smoke pipe adopts threaded structure, which strengthens the heat transfer effect.

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