2Ton Coal Fuel Steam Boiler

The boiler product heat exchange system is composed of drum, left and right collector box and water wall. The main heating surface has a furnace water wall, and part of drum and convection tube bundle inside the drum. The type of coal fuel steam boiler is horizontal quick-loading boiler with natural circulation of working medium. Boiler main heating surface tube is made of 20# low and medium pressure boiler seamless steel tube, boiler barrel is made of special steel plate. The left and right containers are made of seamless steel tubes.


Coal fuel steam boiler

Coal fuel steam boiler


The arch of coal-fired steam boiler is made of refractory concrete. The rear arch is low and long, so it burns well. The wing flue and side wall bricks are made of refractory sintered bricks. Boiler front wall and back wall are made of universal firebrick. The grate has reasonable air distribution, large combustion chamber and strong fuel applicability. Coal-fired steam boilers are suitable for all kinds of forming biomass solid fuel, bituminous coal or anthracite, mixed coal. Burn well. Because the high temperature flue gas enters the settlement chamber first, and then enters the two wing flue and the front smoke box from both sides, the effect of smoke elimination and dust removal is good.

The series steam boiler water circulation is simple, compression parts reasonable structure, under the condition of ensuring water quality, can operate safely. Combustion equipment for fast loading grate, combustion equipment in the factory manufacturing installation completed, transport to the site directly installed on the foundation can be. Coal fuel steam boiler has the advantages of reasonable structure, compact, low steel consumption, and has been praised by customers.

Coal-fired steam boiler adopts the latest gasification combustion technology, set up advanced gasification rotary combustion chamber, built-in swirl secondary air distribution, make fuel combustion more fully. The coal fired boiler adopts high efficiency heat transfer element – threaded smoke tube, matched with reasonable flue gas flow rate, so that the thermal efficiency of the boiler is higher. The comprehensive thermal efficiency is more than 95%. Boiler adopts high standard, high quality auxiliary machinery, accessories and automatic control equipment to ensure safe and stable operation of boiler.

The fuel of this series boiler enters the furnace and burns on the grate. The flue gas generated along the bottom of the drum enters the convection tube bundle of the two wings through the outlet smoke window of the eight character wall, enters the threaded smoke pipe through the front smoke box, passes through the economizer and dust collector, and is drawn by the induced draft fan and discharged into the atmosphere through the chimney. Due to the arrangement of the lower part of the drum, the dead water area at the bottom of the drum is eliminated, so that the sludge is not easy to deposit, the high temperature area of the drum can get good cooling, and prevent the drum bottom bulge. The heat transfer coefficient and thermal efficiency are improved by adopting threaded pipe, because of the disturbance of flue gas in pipe. The smoke pipe is not easy to accumulate ash, play the role of self-cleaning.


Coal boilers for sale

Coal boilers for sale


The coal fuel steam boiler has stable operation, convenient adjustment and sufficient output. The eight wall in the furnace and the part of the smoke window have a certain dust removal effect. The original dust concentration of the boiler is controlled below the standard and the smoke emission of the boiler is guaranteed to reach the environmental protection index. This type of boiler is a complete factory. Auxiliary machines include blower, induced draft fan, economizer, dust collector, water pump, valve, instrument, smoke duct take over, etc., which are delivered according to the drawings or contract provisions. Welcome to Zozen Boilers for consulting!

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