3T Horizontal Biomass Fire Tube Steam Boiler

The biomass steam boiler is a single boiler shell boiler with water and fire tube, and the combustion equipment is a movable grate. The water-cooled walls on the left and right sides of the furnace are shooting heating surface, the wings of the furnace are convection heating surface, the convection heating surface of the threaded smoke tube is arranged in the drum, the furnace wall is made of heat-resistant concrete by pouring and ramming the whole new process, and the outer side of the boiler host is the three-dimensional protective plate shell. During the operation of the biomass fire tube boiler, the fuel enters the furnace and burns on the grate. The flue gas generated along the bottom of the drum through the exit smoke window on the eight wall into the two wing convection tube bundle, through the front smoke box into the threaded smoke pipe, through the economizer, dust collector, by induced draft fan through the chimney into the atmosphere.


Biomass fire tube boiler

Biomass fire tube boiler


Horizontal biomass boiler adopts arch tube plate and threaded smoke pipe to form a drum, which changes the structure of the drum from quasi-rigid body to quasi-elastic body, cancels the tube-plate area pull support, and reduces the stress. The smoke pipe in tubesheet is changed from two return to single return, which solves the problem of tubesheet crack. Biomass fired boiler drum lower due to the arrangement of rising pipe row, eliminate the dead water area at the bottom of the drum, so that the sludge is not easy to deposit, the high temperature area of the drum can get good cooling, prevent the drum lower bulge. This series boiler adopts threaded smoke pipe to enhance heat transfer and improve heat transfer coefficient and thermal efficiency, because of the disturbance of flue gas in the pipe. The smoke pipe is not easy to accumulate ash, play the role of self-cleaning.

Biomass fire tube boiler ready to factory. This series steam boiler auxiliary machine has blower, induced draft fan, economizer, dust collector, water pump, valve, instrument, smoke duct take over, etc., according to the drawings of the factory or according to the contract. DZL series steam boiler before installation should be boiler body, combustion equipment, components, auxiliary machinery, accessories according to the drawings for inspection and acceptance, do a good record, such as found does not meet the relevant standards should be put forward to the factory in time.

This series of boiler products have the advantages of fast pressure boost, high thermal efficiency, large heating area, simple operation, perfect protection function, safe and reliable operation. It is widely used in light industry food industry, hotel catering industry, clothing and textile industry, building materials industry and so on. It uses fuel biomass is an ideal renewable energy, there is a large amount of output every year, using it to replace coal combustion, not only can reduce costs for enterprises, bring rich economic returns, and waste utilization, increase farmers’ income, realize the common development of economic benefits and social benefits.


Horizontal biomass fired boiler

Horizontal biomass fired boiler


Biomass fire tube boiler in the design of the use of high efficiency and energy saving enhanced combustion technology, to ensure the full combustion of fuel. Biomass fired boiler grate adopts a new type of small scale grate, increasing the unique safety ring, so that the grate operation is stable and reliable, improve the combustion efficiency. The boiler combustion mode is unique, boiler operation furnace furnace incandescence, fierce firepower, boiler heating up fast, fast pressure boost, high thermal efficiency, compared with similar products to save 10% of the fuel cost.

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