8 Ton Coal Fired Chain Grate Boiler

8 Ton coal-fired boiler uses the corresponding front and rear arch, the combustion condition is good, the combustion is sufficient. Chain grate steam boiler water circulation system is reasonable, high circulation rate. This series boiler is safe and reliable in use, with large water capacity, large steam space and good steam quality. Main components in the factory to complete the assembly of up and down parts of the factory, on-site assembly, short installation cycle, low installation cost, boiler room using single-layer layout, capital construction cost saving.


Chain grate steam boiler

Chain grate steam boiler


Multiple interlocking protection is adopted for pressure and water shortage of coal-fired boilers to ensure safe and reliable operation of boilers. The 8-ton coal-fired boiler is a shell-type full wet backflow three-return pyrotechnic tube structure. The flame burns in the large combustion chamber under slightly positive pressure and is fully extended. The series of boiler products have low combustion heat load, high combustion heat efficiency, effectively reduce the smoke exhaust temperature, energy saving and consumption reduction, use economy. The coal-fired boiler adopts corrugated furnace and threaded smoke tube structure, which not only improves the heat absorption intensity of the boiler, but also meets the need of heat expansion of the heat exchange surface. It is scientific, reasonable and durable, and is welcomed and loved by many boiler users.

Coal-fired steam boilers are divided into upper and lower parts of the factory, including the upper parts of the boiler body, steel set upper furnace wall. Lower parts include coal scuttle, chain grate, base steel frame, lower furnace wall, except the middle partition wall is built on site and other parts are assembled factory. Chain grate steam boiler tail cast iron economizer and air duct with the furnace matching factory. The combustion equipment adopts light chain grate with air inlet on both sides. The grate is provided with six independent air chambers, and the air regulating mechanism is provided on both sides of the air chamber. The air is pushed into the two side air ducts at the bottom of the base by the blower, and the air regulating mechanism enters the independent air chamber.

The upper furnace wall of this series of steam boilers is assembled by the factory, and the lower furnace wall and the front and rear arches are composed of refractory clay brick silicic acid fiber and thermal insulation materials. The fuel enters the furnace through the coal gate and burns from the coal hopper, and the burned cinder falls into the slag hopper during the operation of the grate and is discharged by the screw slag discharger. The coal-fired chain grate boiler is equipped with an electric control console, which is equipped with a boiler thermal parameter display instrument, a drum and an induced draft fan opening indicator, and a remote control button for an electric actuator. The boiler feed water adopts an automatic water feed device and is equipped with an over-temperature alarm device. The boiler combustion coal produced by Zozen Boilers is suitable for low calorific value>17750JKg, volatile matter>38.5%, and ash content<32.4% of the second-class bituminous coal.


Coal-fired steam boiler

Coal-fired steam boiler


Chain grate steam boiler grate lengthened, additional flame arrester, in case of hopper fire back combustion. This series of boilers have enough combustion space, so that the fuel can be fully burned, so as to improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler, reduce the exhaust of tail gas, dust and ammonia oxide emissions significantly reduced. The coal-fired steam boiler added a frequency converter, so that the boiler formed two sections of fire combustion, to solve the high pressure stop furnace chimney smoke problem, but also played a role in energy saving. The unique air duct design fully meets the needs of the complete combustion of biomass fuel, ensures the thermal balance of the boiler, and completes the conversion of layer combustion and chamber combustion.

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