Chain Grate Biomass Fired Boilers Manufacturing

Biomass boiler is a boiler that burns biomass fuel. Biomass, as a renewable energy source, is mainly made of agricultural and forestry wastes, such as straw, sawdust and rice husks. Biomass fired boilers manufacturing mainly combustion biomass molding particles, it is biomass bulk material through mechanical compression molding into blocks, particles of biomass fuel, does not contain any additives.


Biomass fired boilers manufacturing

Biomass fired boilers manufacturing


Biomass fuel has low moisture content and high density, which is conducive to combustion in tissues and can realize automatic material transportation, and the environment is clean. Biomass boiler according to the medium can be divided into biomass steam boiler, biomass hot water boiler, biomass thermal oil boiler. Mainly used in industrial production to provide heat source, heating, domestic water and other aspects.

The chain grate biomass fired boiler is an assembly structure, the upper part is the body heating surface, and the lower part is the combustion equipment. According to the field measurement, the actual evaporation capacity is higher than the rated evaporation capacity, and can operate in overload condition. According to the characteristics of high volatile content of biomass fuel, low ignition. Biomass fired boilers manufacturing adopts large furnace design, matching the new furnace arch, full combustion, high thermal efficiency, prevent coking.

This series of chain grate boilers has prominent advantages, the boiler is reasonably configured with secondary fans, with sufficient and uniform air distribution, enhancing the combustion effect. The unique design of the ash falling hole and ash clearing setting, easy to clean, avoid coking. Equipped with material locking device, can effectively prevent fuel backfiring. The series of boilers can also be customized according to the type of biomass fuel furnace arch, grate design.

This series of biomass fired boilers absorb the advantages of quick installation boiler, easy to install on site, compact boiler structure, less floor space, beautiful and generous shape. Equipped with electric control operating table, the grate can be stepless speed regulating operation. The air supply system adopts two side air supply devices of warehouse type, each air chamber can be adjusted independently, with less leakage and strong adjustability, which can better adapt to the requirements of chain grate combustion characteristics.


Biomass fired steam boiler

Biomass fired steam boiler


Chain grate biomass boiler can be said to be the substitute of traditional boiler. Due to the strengthening of environmental protection policy, traditional coal fired boilers have been eliminated and banned. For users looking for a low operating cost, high thermal efficiency of boiler products, and biomass boilers are in line with the trend, emerged, not only cost reduction is in line with environmental standards. Biomass fired boilers manufacturing combustion efficiency is high, can effectively reduce fuel loss, reduce operating costs, welcome to come to consult procurement.

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