Coal Fired Energy Saving Steam Boiler Supply

The main structure of SZL series energy saving boiler is to arrange a bunch of threaded smoke pipe inside the boiler barrel, and the left and right sides of the furnace chamber are equipped with light pipe and water cooling walls. The coal fired boiler supply can be mechanically stoked with a chain grate and equipped with a blower for mechanical ventilation. At the same time equipped with scraper type slag machine for automatic slag. The front and rear arch of coal-fired steam boiler can adopt new energy-saving technology, which can effectively realize energy saving and environmental protection.


Coal fired boiler supply

Coal fired boiler supply


The combustion process of coal fired steam boiler is mainly that the fuel falls on the grate from the coal sill and enters the furnace for combustion. After the flame is refracting upward through the rear arch, it folds forward to the smoke box through the combustion Chambers on both sides of the body. After passing through the front smoke box back to the tube bundle in the pot. Through the rear smoke box into the economizer, by the induced draft fan through the flue to the chimney, and finally discharged into the atmosphere.

Coal fired boiler supply high thermal efficiency, high degree of mechanization, can meet the requirements of technical conditions. The whole boiler adopts quick installation out of the factory. After arriving at the service site, it is directly installed and connected with valve instrument, blower, induced draft fan, smoke air pipe, energy saver, dust collector, slag extractor, etc. Coal loader and water and electricity road can run, and has the characteristics of starting a fire.

The operation of the ash system of this series of energy saving steam boiler is mainly that the ash residue generated after fuel combustion falls into the slag pit at the end of the grate and is discharged by the slag eliminator. The coal and ash leakage are taken out as the chain grate falls into the ash hopper in the front, and part of the fly ash in the flue gas falls down in the convective tube bundle and is discharged to the grate through the upper tribal ash door, while the rest falls into the ash hopper after being separated by the dust collector.

This series of coal-fired boilers are equipped with fully equipped thermal testing instruments, electrically controlled operating stations, the opening degree of the induced draft fan and the speed of the grate can be operated remotely. The boiler air supply system adopts the two-side air supply device of storehouse type, each air chamber can be independently adjusted, the air leakage is small, the adjustable is strong, can better adapt to the chain grate combustion characteristic request. Convenient site installation, short cycle and less cost.


SZL series coal fired boiler sales

SZL series coal fired boiler sales


The Coal fired boiler supply operation are safe and reliable with good controllability. The boiler adopts the air distribution in the warehouse, double-sided air distribution, uniform and reasonable ventilation, wide adaptability of coal, stable combustion, boiler room is a single-layer layout, short installation period for investors, suitable for all kinds of users. Zozen Boilers is specialized in producing all kinds of boiler with high quality products, for the majority of users of improving solution for a long time, can also according to the drawings provided by the customer for one boiler custom service, welcome to come to consult.

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