Condensing Gas Steam Boiler Manufacturer

Zozen Boilers are advanced and reasonable in design, safe and reliable in performance. Condensing gas boiler manufacturer specializing in the production of high quality boiler products, the boiler body using wet back type three return, full corrugated furnace, screw pipe structure. It has good thermal scalability. The tube plate and the tube body are connected by pulling edge structure, and the main welding seam of the body is butt structure, all of which are automatically welded by submerged arc.


Condensing gas boiler manufacturer

Condensing gas boiler manufacturer


Condensing steam boiler heating area is abundant, large furnace structure, micro positive pressure combustion, low combustion heat load, less harmful substances emissions. The combustion chamber design of this series of gas-fired boilers is reasonable, fully adapt to the city gas, natural gas and other fuels, fuel in the furnace under small positive pressure combustion, combustion is complete, flue gas pollutants less, boiler flue gas blackness, smoke blackness, concentration, noise and other technical indicators are better than the first class of regional standards.

The radiant heating surface of the boiler produced by our factory is full corrugated furnace, the convection heating surface is threaded smoke tube, the heating surface is large, the boiler thermal efficiency > is more than 95%, higher than the prescribed standard. In addition, the main longitudinal and girth welds of the boiler are heat treated according to JB/T1613 after welding to eliminate stress and ensure welding quality. Condensing gas boiler manufacturer adopts advanced production technology and automatic welding equipment to ensure 100% pass rate of flaw detection.

This series of steam boiler is outfitted with color steel plate, front and back with hinged smoke box, the surface is high temperature spray paint, novel and beautiful. The gas fired boiler adopts high quality accessories, and the burner adopts the international famous brand burner. Supporting key valves and instruments adopt high quality products and well-known brands to ensure the safe operation of the boiler. The WNS condensing boiler adopts PLC full intelligent control system, and adopts mechatronics control equipment and programmable logic controller (PLC) combined control mode. Advanced programmable logic controller (PLC) for the control system of the “central processor”. The control system is operated by touch screen, so that the degree of automation control and reliability of operation of the boiler is greatly improved, and the operation is more simple and intuitive.


Condensing steam boiler

Condensing steam boiler


Condensing gas boiler manufacturer produce high quality boiler products, learn advanced production experience, the overall operation of the boiler is stable and reliable. The core of condensation technology is to reduce the heat loss of fuel combustion and absorb the heat energy generated by fuel efficiently. At the same time, because of the condensation of flue gas, harmful substances in the flue gas are collected into the condensed water, reducing the emission of acid substances and other pollutants into the air. Zozen Boilers is a professional boiler manufacturer, dedicated to producing various types of boiler products and pressure vessels for many years, welcome to come to our factory to consult and purchase.

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