DHL Series Coal Fired Steam Boiler Sales

DHL series coal-fired boilers use a pipe system as the skeleton of the whole boiler. Because it bears all the load of the boiler itself, it is also a frameless boiler. At the same time, this skeleton also serves as the boiler’s descending tube and the upper and lower collection boxes. DHL series steam boiler drum for the external type, furnace for the fully closed membrane wall structure, convection heating surface using flag pipe structure.


DHL series steam boiler

DHL series steam boiler


This series of CFB boiler has the advantages of compact structure, low steel consumption and fast temperature rise. Therefore, it has been widely used. The boiler fuel has wide adaptability and can be applied to bituminous coal, anthracite, lignite and so on. We can also provide you with customized feeding system, tail flue gas treatment system, boiler room layout, etc., effectively improve user benefits. The thermal efficiency of the system customized by our factory is more than 5% higher than the conventional system, and the fuel cost of a 40T/H boiler can be saved more than 100W.

DHL series steam boiler high degree of automation, easy maintenance, the required operation, maintenance personnel less. This series of coal-fired boilers adopt advanced control system, reasonable selection, in order to ensure stable operation at the same time for you to save investment cost. The boiler is a single tube horizontal tube bulk boiler. Combustion equipment adopts scale type coal leakage furnace row, furnace water wall for natural circulation, economizer water circulation for forced flow. Boiler bulk form factory, site assembly.

CFB coal fired steam boiler has sufficient output, high thermal efficiency; Coal adaptability is strong; Safe and reliable, good smoke and dust removal. Widely used in cogeneration of heat and power and people’s life central heating. The water wall tube in the furnace adopts the whole membrane wall structure, which has good sealing and high heat preservation performance. The backwater position of the boiler can be reasonably arranged according to the fuel situation and the structure of the furnace. The descending pipe and rising pipe are arranged in the furnace, so that the appearance of the boiler is as clean as possible.


DHL series coal fired boiler

DHL series coal fired boiler


DHL series steam boiler internal dust removal effect is good, the furnace is equipped with a two-stage internal dust removal device, reduce the original boiler smoke emissions. Can greatly reduce the annual power consumption, energy saving effect is very significant. Zozen Boilers product technology is advanced, the boiler product performance is superior, the environmental protection index reaches the advanced level. After the boiler is put into use, the fuel cost is significantly reduced, the thermal efficiency is much higher than that of ordinary boilers, and the exhaust gas emission is fully in line with the prescribed standards. Welcome the majority of users to consult procurement, we will serve you wholeheartedly.

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