Ensure the personal safety of the user

1. Be sure to install a leakage circuit breaker before entering the pipeline; the shell must be firmly grounded;
2. Do not adjust the pressure regulator at will;
 Ensure the personal safety of the user
3. When the water quality is poor (deep well water and river water), a water softener must be used. The water softener determines the time to replenish industrial salt based on the daily working time, which is based on the fixed salt in the salt tank;
4. Before starting or after stopping for a few days, shake the fan of the pump with a screwdriver to prevent the car from burning out; and exhaust the air in the pump;
5. When repairing or replacing parts, please be sure to cut off the power and discharge steam, and do not bring electricity or gas;
6. Manually move the safety valve several times every two months to prevent malfunction;
7. Boiler price boiler When using the machine, drain water twice a day (wait for the pressure gauge 01 MPa, open the bottom drain valve to discharge scale and other foreign matter and steam)

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