Horizontal Automatic Biomass Pellet Boiler Manufacturing

Biomass pellet boiler manufacturing is a renewable green energy with a wide range of fuel sources. The biomass fired boilers has almost no sulfur content and little ash content. Its growth process can absorb all CO2 produced in the combustion process, effectively realizing zero CO2 emission. With the market trend, biomass energy will be expanded and become one of the main energy sources. Biomass fuels include straw, wood branches, grain shells, fruit shells, coffee shells, wood blocks and so on.


Biomass pellet boiler manufacturing

Biomass pellet boiler manufacturing


Horizontal biomass boiler adopts arch tube plate and threaded smoke pipe to form a pot barrel, which makes the pot barrel change from a quasi-rigid body to a quasi-elastic body structure, cancels the pull-up parts in the tube-plate area and reduces the stress. The smoke pipe inside the pipe plate is also improved to solve the problem of pipe plate crack. The lower part of the boiler barrel of this series of biomass boiler is arranged with an ascending pipe row, which eliminates the dead water area at the bottom of the boiler barrel, making the mud residue not easy to deposit, and the high temperature area of the boiler barrel can be well cooled, preventing the problem of the bottom bulge of the boiler barrel.

Biomass pellet boiler manufacturing using efficient heat transfer screw pipe, obtained the effect of strengthening heat transfer, to achieve the boiler temperature rise, boost the characteristics of fast, effectively improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler. This series of boilers are compact in structure and smaller in size compared with similar boilers, which effectively saves the capital investment of boiler house. Stable operation, easy adjustment, full output. The heat transfer coefficient and thermal efficiency are improved by using the threaded pipe, because the flue gas has disturbance effect in the pipe. Smoke tube is not easy to accumulate ash, play the role of cleaning.

The eight walls in the furnace and the smoke window of the automatic biomass boiler all have a dust-lowering effect. The original dust concentration of the boiler is controlled below the standard to ensure that the soot emission of the boiler can meet the target of environmental protection regulation. The unique double-layer secondary air design improves the ignition condition of biomass fuel, and the independent air chamber is adopted to achieve reasonable air distribution, which forms an aerodynamic field favorable to combustion in the furnace, and makes the combustion temperature and combustion efficiency high.

This series of biomass fired boilers can realize simulated controlled combustion without deflagration. The ignition speed can also be controlled by adjusting the secondary air volume. Secondary air is arranged in front and rear arch to ensure the secondary combustion of fly ash after particle decomposition with high combustion efficiency. This series of boiler products are composed of boiler body, smoke duct, energy saving device, dust collector and pipeline system. The first four parts have been manufactured in the factory and transported to the installation site for assembly, which can greatly shorten the installation cycle and ensure the installation quality of products.


Biomass pellet boilers for sale

Biomass pellet boilers for sale


Biomass pellet boiler manufacturing design performance is advanced, combustion performance is good, grate with reasonable ventilation, combustion chamber is large, fuel suitable performance is strong, combustion full. During combustion, the high-temperature flue gas first enters the settlement chamber, and then enters the two wings of flue and front smoke box from both sides, so the effect of smoke elimination and dust removal is good. This series of boilers have reasonable structure, compact, low steel consumption, so that the boiler performance, weight, structural size has superior advanced. Welcome everyone to come to consult purchasing, Zozen Boilers will serve you wholeheartedly.


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