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Biomass steam boiler body in the overall structure of the upper drum, water wall tube and box symmetrical arrangement of the form. Biomass fuel after coal enters the furnace to the gate, on the chain grate combustion, flue gas produced along the drum through eight export smoke on the wall at the bottom of the window into the wings convection bank, through smoke box into the threaded pipe, before and into the economizer, after fully heat of flue gas by induced draft fan ventilation with dust collector, dust and eventually through the chimney into the atmosphere. Horizontal biomass steam boiler convection tube bundle, so that the flue gas many times back, conducive to the furnace dust.


Horizontal biomass steam boiler

Horizontal biomass steam boiler


Biomass fired boiler adopts the new type of structure, furnace decorated with water wall on both sides, top and drum welding, bottom and left and right header welding respectively. The space of the rear arch and the drum is arranged with convection tube bundle, the upper end of the tube bundle is welded with the drum, and the lower end is welded with each box, and the structure is very compact. In the design of biomass fired boiler, the furnace is designed into two parts: combustion chamber and combustion chamber, which is beneficial to strengthen the combustion of fuel in the combustion chamber and reduce the content of combustible and fly ash.

This series steam boiler has the characteristics of strong fuel adaptability, high thermal efficiency, good environmental protection performance, sufficient boiler output, convenient maintenance and so on. Horizontal biomass steam boiler grate with reasonable air distribution, conducive to fuel burning, improve the efficiency of the whole machine. The boiler adopts reasonable air distribution to increase the effective area of grate and improve the burning degree of fuel. The steam quality of biomass boiler is high, and the steam dryness is above 96. Products with pressure, temperature, water level and other multiple interlocking safety protection control.

Biomass fired steam boiler is arranged on both sides of the water wall constitute a furnace and convection flue, steam boiler drum is arranged in a single return thread smoke pipe. In the furnace, the front arch and the back arch are used for water cooling. The front arch is stepped, and the back arch is herring-shaped, which makes the coverage rate of the arch close to 85%, which is conducive to the combustion of biomass fuel. Adopt large chain grate to realize mechanical combustion. Equipped with drum induced draft fan for mechanical ventilation, and with slag machine to achieve mechanical slag, complete control monitoring instruments.


Biomass steam boiler sales

Biomass steam boiler sales


Horizontal biomass steam boiler water volume is large, conducive to power failure protection, strong ability to adapt to load change. Steam boiler with reasonable smoke speed design heating surface no ash, no wear, boiler heating surface in no ash conditions, can maintain high efficiency, full compliance, safe operation for a long time. The series of biomass fired boiler adopts high strength large block grate, suitable for biomass boiler fuel transport combustion, for large grate with roller device to improve the safety of the grate, convenient combustion adjustment.

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