Industrial Biomass Fired Steam Boilers Priced

According to the combustion characteristics of biomass fired steam boiler gasification combustion and carbonization combustion under one combustion condition are realized. Setting a feeder on the hopper can transfer and control the amount of fuel, realize continuous, stable and even combustion, and separate the feed from the furnace to prevent the occurrence of tempering, which is safe and reliable. Industrial biomass fired boilers in the boiler feed water, steam flow and steam extraction is very reasonable, to ensure that the steam humidity <1%.


Industrial biomass fired boilers

Industrial biomass fired boilers


The raw materials of biomass fuel are widely distributed and the processing technology is advanced. Biomass pellet is known as green coal, is a clean energy. As the fuel of boiler, its burning time is long, the temperature of reinforced combustion chamber is high, and it is economical, without any pollution to the environment at the same time. It is a kind of renewable energy, and the burned ash slag is a good fertilizer which can be recycled and is a highly efficient and energy-saving boiler product.

Industrial biomass fired boilers furnace adopts the form of curved water-wall tube, pot tube and the left and right header, which can expand upward freely. The water cooling wall is made of light tube, which is easy to manufacture and process. The inner convection tube of the boiler barrel adopts the spiral smoke tube to improve the winding of working medium and increase heat transfer. The outer packing plate adopts pressing plate with beautiful appearance. High thermal resistance material is adopted as the insulation layer with good thermal insulation performance. The unique double-layer secondary air design improves the ignition condition of biomass fuel, adopts the independent air chamber, achieves the reasonable distribution of air, forms a favorable aerodynamic field in the furnace chamber, makes the combustion temperature high and combustion efficiency high.

This series of biomass fired boiler releases heat through the heating equipment, and is absorbed by the water cooling wall through radiation heat transfer, and the water of the water cooling wall boils and vaporizes, thus generating a large amount of steam into the drum for the separation of soda water. The separated saturated steam enters the superheater through radiation, convection mode continues to absorb flue gas heat from the top and horizontal flue, and the tail flue. And make the superheated steam to the required operating temperature.

Industrial steam boiler is widely used in food industry, chemical industry, packaging industry, pharmaceutical industry, biological equipment industry, washing and ironing, concrete maintenance, cleaning and so on. It is well known that the steam pressure and temperature required by different industries are different, and the common boiler pressure is 1.0mpa, 1.25mpa and 1.6mpa. The corresponding steam temperature is 184℃, 194℃, 204℃, etc. The actual service pressure of this series boiler can be adjusted at will below the rated pressure to meet the production demand.


Biomass fired steam boilers supply

Biomass fired steam boilers supply


Industrial biomass fired boilers use dust removal, energy saving, good environmental protection effect, wide adaptability of fuel, fuel combustion full and complete, high thermal efficiency. Biomass steam boiler heating area is large, boost temperature, output, low energy consumption. Zozen Boilers products specializing in the production of high quality boiler, has a perfect service system and technical support system. I plant biomass boiler equipped with a professional dust removal device, environmental protection effect is good, with professional desulfurization denitration experience. Welcome to consult purchasing.

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