Horizontal Internal Combustion Gas Fired Boiler

WNS series gas boiler has large diameter corrugated furnace and threaded smoke pipe and other efficient heat transfer components, steam storage space and heating surface is sufficient, so that the boiler output is sufficient and heat supply is stable. The internal combustion gas boiler also uses a low nitrogen combustion system to reduce the formation of nitrogen oxides from the source. Easy to achieve local nitrogen oxides no more than 100mg/Nm³ environmental standards.


Internal combustion gas boiler

Internal combustion gas boiler


The rear tube plate of horizontal gas boiler is not directly scoured by high temperature flue gas, the working condition is improved, and the heat dissipation loss at the rear of boiler is small. The series gas fired boiler is equipped with integrated finned tube economizer and independent condenser, which is compact in structure and easy to maintain. The boiler adopts FGR external circulation combustion technology, which meets the emission standard of NOx≤30mg/m3. At the same time, the product adopts a large furnace full waveform furnace design, to achieve internal circulation of flue gas, so that the flue gas absorb flame heat, reduce flame temperature, free nitrogen atoms and oxygen atoms are not easy to form NOx.

The series of boiler products use electronic proportional regulation of low nitrogen burner, combustion flame and furnace matching, can achieve low nitrogen emissions. Internal combustion gas boiler adopts threaded smoke tube to enhance heat transfer effect. So that the boiler heating up, pressure boost fast, boiler thermal efficiency improved significantly. WNS series boiler front smoke box adopts integral double door setting, smoke box door double-layer sealing, the overall sealing is good, beautiful, generous, easy to open when maintenance. Boiler external condensing device, its sealing plate is made of ND steel, and the selection of low temperature corrosion resistant spiral fin tube, greatly improve the service life. The condensing device greatly reduces the boiler exhaust temperature and improves the boiler thermal efficiency.

Gas fired boiler uses FGR flue gas external circulation combustion technology, part of the flue gas mixed with air is sent to the combustion chamber for combustion, the mixed combustion air can effectively reduce the temperature and oxygen concentration in the combustion chamber, so that the flue gas emissions meet the requirements of environmental protection. Horizontal internal combustion boiler is equipped with comprehensive safety chain protection function to ensure safe and efficient operation of the boiler. The boiler is equipped with flame monitoring system, liquid level control system, pressure control system, combustion program control system, safety protection system (flameout protection, limit low water level protection, phase break protection).

The internal combustion gas boiler transfers heat efficiently. With the addition of a condenser and other energy-saving equipment at the rear, the boiler’s thermal efficiency can be as high as 98% or more. The smooth operation of WNS series boilers is inseparable from the high quality of the boiler itself. As a leader in the industrial boiler industry, Zozen Boilers has 600 sets of advanced numerical control production equipment, and the cutting numerical control rate has reached more than 80%. The ensuring that each boiler the processing precision of the components reduces the assembly stress. Thereby ensuring the high quality of the boiler and extending the service life of the boiler.


Horizontal internal combustion boiler

Horizontal internal combustion boiler


Among them, welding automation is also one of the significant advantages of Zozen Boilers. The advanced submerged arc automatic welding process ensures the welding quality of the boiler, and each longitudinal and circumferential weld has undergone 100% radiographic inspection; automatic tube-to-plate welding has not only greatly improved In order to improve production efficiency and ensure the worry-free quality of WNS series boilers, they are favored by customers and have reached friendly cooperative relations with many users.

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